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I'm looking for names that are not commonplace.
Unusual and rare ....
Can you help me???

Thanks in advance


  • reply - 1: I think as a girl name linnéa very nice. Maybe you like that?
  • reply - 2: That's not too bad;)
    Thanks in advance.....
  • reply - 3: I think alva very sweet and very rare. it means little fairy or something like that. i also like alexa, smilla, marlene and emilie and of course the names of both of them
  • reply - 4: Girls: Leni, Milu, Samira, Liara, Jill, Mimi, ElodyBoys: Janne, Ansgar, Jaro, Jesko,
  • reply - 5:


  • reply - 6: So my name is MARIC, SAMIRA and LEANO
  • reply - 7: So it's gonna be a girl;)
    Your names are beautiful too, what do you think of Stacy, Jasmin, Emilia, Fiona, Lucy?
  • reply - 8: Jasmine's name is my sister and the suggestion came from me 11 years ago. So I like the name.
    I also like Emilia very much. Could I well imagine for another child. Fiona reminds me of Shrek. I also like Lucy and Stacy does not like me at all.
  • reply - 9: Matti, matz
  • reply - 10: M: Rebecca, Mariuta, Preena, Arulay, gladys
    B: Malon, Nicanor, Matheus. Augustine, Darius

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