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After all, there are the Sun, beach and sea thread, I thought sometimes open the winter thread ....
I think you can swap snow suits, lambskin, shoes, winter bags for the kiwa and Co.


  • reply - 1: Here is my first question ... Currently looking for footmuffs for the stroller for the winter ... Is a lambskin or is a real footmuff better or should it be the lambskin winter footmuff?
    Do you have to take the same manufacturer as the kiwa? We have teutonia and the lambskin footmuff costs 180 € ... that's pretty neat. Therefore, the question of whether teutonia must be ... ??? Thanks in advance
  • reply - 2: teutonia never has to be. They do not have nice baby carriages. Look for footmuffs from Kaiser. They are quite good and affordable.
  • reply - 3: I also had one of Kaiser bought this year in March and got very cheap because everything was reduced by the our hartan fits the super pure
  • reply - 4: So I find our teutonia very beautiful and I am also convinced qualitatively !!!! I did not want that now the stroller is made bad but only tips on the accessories ... Thank you
  • reply - 5: With the footmuffs what size do you take? Only for the feet or even over the back go. Lambskin yes or no. Questions about questions;)
  • reply - 6: We have one where only the head looks out. Without lambskin. The poor animal. We have one with synthetic fibers and that thing is so warm when you have both layers in it. If it is not so cold, you can take out a shift.
  • reply - 7: @glory

    From Kaiser or another brand?

  • reply - 8: different brand. But Kaiser's are pretty good and cheap.
  • reply - 9: We bought a used one from Kaiser at that time.

    But why do not you use that from last winter?

  • reply - 10: I take mine from last winter again and he is from kaiser

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