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Signs of the period


Hello my dears,

I have a question.
Although my cycle is not that regular otherwise, the period is already monthly and almost always at the same time.

My last was late July / early August.
Then she did not come in September, I thought it had finally worked out.
I was on vacation and did a blood test on 05.09 NEN which was negative. So I thought okay the period is coming. I had all the signs, nausea, breast tenderness, pulling in the abdomen. ..
Nothing happened. ..
Now I'm back here and when the FA was exposed to a urine test was made the negative Was and ultrasound you saw nothing.

Tuesday I have to go to my doctors.
Still have symptoms.
In between, I had a day brown discharge.

Has anyone ever had such experiences and can say why?



  • reply - 1: Maybe you have a cycle disturbance you should clarify the Fa. Unfortunately, there are a few girls who are dealing with extremely long cycles.
  • reply - 2: How long have you not been able to prevent? Possibly. Your body needs time to get along without any artificial hormones and your cycle is still leveling off. Am in 8th ÜZ and actually have SS signs every month. Breast tenderness, pulling, etc. Everything is just PMS and totally normal. Some have more, others less.

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