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Hello everyone
Our big boy is coming to school this year.
Because he has been very noticeable in the kindergarten for a long time regarding his mathematical abilities and general education, we had him tested by a school psychologist. The result confirmed our suspicions. Or rather, our fear.
We live in Brandenburg. In a small place. There is only one elementary school here. And this is not designed for HB's. We do not know how to handle it. Directly looking for a conversation with the school administration? Or wait and see what happens in school?
Is someone facing similar problems? Or has someone already gained experience?
I hope for a lively exchange


  • reply - 1: Hello,
    Due to various abnormalities in the daycare we ended up in the ki and JugendPsych. There was also a test on HB in the context of the diagnosis, which (unfortunately) confirmed. We were urgently advised against Thera not to be enrolled locally. There are nearby (about 12-15km away) a regular primary school, which has a corresponding program and is therefore familiar with the promotion. Here is an application that we will be released from the GS catchment area and I can let them there where I think it is right. The new school knows accordingly. To what extent I bring the further symptomatology / abnormality then to speech I do not know yet. Here are also other diagnoses grad clarified. I would also like to exchange - also like private and not public here - because we are here more of an isolated case.
  • reply - 2: Could you possibly explain what B or HB is?

    I do not know what that means?

  • reply - 3: B = talent
    HB = giftedness
  • reply - 4: Ah, ok.
    I thought of cigarettes first.

    And then at handicapped or half handicapped! On giftedness I would never get: D. Not even from the text!
    Maybe you like to redo the headline again, I would imagine that some people are like that!

  • reply - 5: Yes, I can do it. Even though I think that affected parents can start with the name :)
  • reply - 6: I left you a message.
  • reply - 7: How do your children experience kindergarten / kindergarten?

    Why did you choose a test?

    How old are you at enrollment?

    Can yours already read, write and calculate in the number space of the first class? Of that I would make it dependent, if you tell something in the school of the test what. At best, the teachers also notice it this way and are able to make their first observations without bias.

    Would be glad if you answered all the questions  
    Why I ask: my son was cognitively described one year ahead at the first conversation in kindergarten.

  • reply - 8: My son is bored when it comes to age related activities like coloring, crafting and easy computing.
    He has become 6 in February and already counts in the 1000 range and times and shared. Since he is 4 years old he can read the clock both analogue and digital. His everyday knowledge is more like that of a 3rd grader.
    He will be regular in training. There were too many social difficulties for us to call him early.
    He can not read yet.

    What is specific about him conspicuous?

  • reply - 9: I do not know if this is of interest to you. My "little" cousin is hb. He started school one year earlier (Novemberkind) and skipped a class in high school. Unfortunately, retirement has tended to exacerbate its social difficulties. He also never wanted to learn, which meant that he was still bored in his master disciplines math / science, but was grudging in the languages. They just did not interest him.
    In the conversation was once a boarding school for gifted. At first he wanted to go there, but when the time came, he refused. So he has made his Abi at the normal high school with mixed notes. After several waiting semesters, he is now in his element in medical studies. Although he is now also socially social, but has his circle of friends and is considered "unobtrusive".
    Unfortunately, I do not know what you can conclude from that. Most likely that from a difficult time a normal adult life can grow up ...
    All the best to you all!
  • reply - 10: We hope that the right decision was to have him regularly enrolled. I think so. Whether it will come to a class jump, then I think will show.

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