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Doctor's appointments with baby - how do you handle this?


Hi, I have found no contribution to this, otherwise please move - thanks!

I have had a toothache since last night   and I'll call the dentist right away and hope that I can pass by today!

I'm still full and at the current temperatures, I can not rely on the current drinking rhythm.

Unfortunately, my husband has to work and no one else could come along and take the baby during the treatment.

I would be interested or hope for tips on how you have solved such situations ... And how your doctors handle the situation, e.g. just like today if you are pushed in between without a previous appointment, without a baby, it was often said "but bring some time" ...

It scares me anyway before the dentist that the mouse will certainly feel and be restless! 


  • reply - 1: Well, I've only had one tip to take someone with me. And wens vlt takes longer to pump out a bit and then give. Ask the doctor if it is longer times the dental assistant can take a look at your child. Say you have a little baby and you have no one who can take time.

    Yesterday had a gyn appointment my sister with it and everything was good

  • reply - 2: I have the fa appointment next week and get the small a mitnehm, our doctor wants to see you too. But think that they are more likely to come to terms, because certainly many women take their children to study.
    At the dentist it is certainly more difficult, especially if you also have problems. Vllt you go earlier and can quiet somewhere somewhere, that it is then at least satisfied u is satisfied u make the appointment a schonmal give notice that you come with a child u if there who can take time for the small?
  • reply - 3: I had my little one with the fa control appointment and exactly to the investigation, she was lively and hungry (although we have also breastfed before), so I lay there with drinking baby while the fa has examined everything below. But was completely ok for both of us. I can not say why other doctors are there, so luckily I did not have to go there yet. But I would also give notice beforehand or try to ask mum or a friend if someone has time to come along. It is best that you do not worry too much as it will otherwise your baby will feel that and is even more restless. It's easy to say, I know .. but you'll do it! And you get well with the tooth!
  • reply - 4: Well I had to do that often with my big one. He had to go everywhere. I called before that and said that. Was not a problem for anyone yet. Is not always easy to breastfeed everywhere, but usually goes pretty well. Even on a dentist's chair would have to go if necessary. And he will first check you out and if he has to do something, where you really need to be quiet, then you just make a new appointment. Get well :-)
  • reply - 5: Just called there and got an appointment at 10:50 h! Hope they do not let us wait that long!  

    Had I planned the appointment, I would have organized someone in advance who comes along ... Believe this is the best solution!  

    When I take Gyn synonymous with them, but somehow there is something else than the dentist * scary *

  • reply - 6: Hello, think the thread is good. Was not here for a long time and must first see if he fits in somewhere but ansich sure always a topic. Maybe you could adjust the subject: Doctor appointments with baby - How do you handle that?

    I also had a dentist appointment and asked directly if it would be a problem to come with a child. Think with prior agreement that works. And depending on the doctor you certainly have no long waiting times.

    Only to the family doctor or ENT I would not want to do that, because of the whole sick there. Since I'm too scared that he captures something ...

    I hope you get well soon!

  • reply - 7: I was only today at the dentist root canal and no problem with the mouse, I came immediately and the dental assistants took care of them
  • reply - 8: I came yesterday to the family doctor because I've caught a bronchitis (I have no idea how) the little one had to work with my husband and my parents did not even there. I immediately said that I come with baby and had no wait by it.
    Next week the FA is also the little one with my doctor would like to see him anyway.
    For appointments that can be scheduled (as my ENT appointments for the Op and ophthalmologist) my mother is clamped who my husband has to work
  • reply - 9: I was yesterday to take blood and left the small stand in front. The receptionist said directly: clearly I pass again. Of course, lia started to cry, so I waited. Immediately, the Spechstundenhilfe went and pushed her past the lab and me and she went to sleep. Next week, I also have Fa appointment and I take them to all the other. Alone, because I'm sure I'll get my doctors's attention right away. I do not ask before either. Otherwise they have to go through it when the little one is crying.
  • reply - 10: So we have already unfortunately some doctor appointments behind us and I have to say most of the people are very hard to get it done quickly ... ,, the only time where we had to wait 2 hours was at the pediatrician at the u3 was Bissel fiercely, in the end, baby and I were tired of it

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