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Rhymes, songs, games ... while winding ;-)


Hello my dears.
I'm looking for rhymes, songs, fingering, etc. That you can do well with the little ones. Something smarter than "If a man comes up the stairs ..." that's the only thing that comes to my mind. Otherwise, we still have a little finger puppet, a crab, which we bought on vacation in Florida and Jonas always tells something about their home in Floridaland.
Do you have such games? Maybe you can exchange ideas here and provide some variety on the changing table ... ;-)


  • reply - 1: The classic:

    That's the thumb (thumb)
    He shakes the plums (forefinger)
    He collects them on (middle finger)
    He brings her home (ring finger)
    And the little one? The little one eats them all up! (Pinkie finger)

  • reply - 2: Like the little flag. ... is also a classic.

    As a finger game I still know
    10 little fiddles but for a bit later.

  • reply - 3: Once upon a time there was a flea (moving your index finger slowly in front of your face)

    he just jumped like that (with his forefinger on his stomach)

    and because he likes you so much (stroking the body)

    He wishes you a nice day (waving) ☺️

  • reply - 4: That's the big toe,
    he needs a lot of space - juche!
    That's the second,
    he stands by his side.
    This is the third,
    he stands in the middle.
    Who is this one?
    That's the number four!
    And that's the little one -
    nobody is alone.
  • reply - 5: You have sweet rhymes i'm a bit ashamed, i can not even memorize a good night song by heart 
  • reply - 6: I'm trying to adapt to something for the seasons and sing it while wrapping something.
    He is currently reacting well to "Spannenlanger Hansel, nudeldicke Dirn". Text and melody here
    There are many songs to inspire.
    I once read through it and was amazed how quickly I remembered the loud reading text and melody. From next month on you can finally sing songs for Christmas and winter 
  • reply - 7: http://www.amazon.de/gp/aw/d/3897365693/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1447422582&sr=8-1&pi=SY200_QL40&keywords=kinderlieder+aus+der+guten+alten+zeit&dpPl=1&dpID=51Lm % 2B6OHwTL & ref = plSrch

    I like the song selection from this book and I like to sing it to our sweetheart. Most of you know, but I always have these texthänger;)

  • reply - 8: I do not know many songs either  
    Sometimes I think of a melody and hum the song or whatever comes to my mind.
    There was a tune recently from "Pirates of the Caribbean" out Hans Zimmer already makes cool music :)
  • reply - 9: I took the tour to Bonanza.
    And the result?
    The little one goes full throttle 
  • reply - 10: Oh yeah: D you just have to try it!
    Also have a CD "Klassik für Krabbelkinder". I let her run in the background more often, she does not like it when it's too quiet.

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