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I am new here and am only in the 11th Ssw. I have a temporary contract that expires on the 31st of July and then unfortunately is unemployed but in the 6th month I move to my friend's job. How is that then I get Erstlingsgeld even if I still have work and then no more?
And where do I apply the best?
Thanks in advance


  • reply - 1: The application is dependent on where you live. Mostly you get the applications in town halls or town halls mancje hospitals give such forms but also directly with how that is now because of the unemployment of you, I know, however, I would not be there with my tax advisor or something
    LG Vera
  • reply - 2: If you are unemployed you have to go to the job center and you can apply for it all. At that time I had to list what I needed for the babies and then got a prescribed budget for shopping.
  • reply - 3: I have already registered jobless at the Arge .. But have on 22.5 again an appointment at the Job Center .. Un can I apply for it?
  • reply - 4: Exactly they want a list of what you need so prams, boards, mattress clothes ect and then tell you what all this may cost. You can also apply for pregnancy clothing for you. Although I had to anticipate everything and then submit the documents at the job center and then got the money 3 weeks later
  • reply - 5: Okay thank you very much ..
    Then I do that sometimes on the 22nd .. hopefully I can get that and get that too .. can I apply for the pregnancy clothes there as well?
  • reply - 6: Just ask there and they can then tell you what you can apply for everything. Write down everything best so you will not forget anything
  • reply - 7: What to write down?
  • reply - 8: Everything you need for the ss and the baby
  • reply - 9: Take the best even payroll of your friend / man with us wanted the last 3 months I think because of the amount of funds ie if you live together
  • reply - 10: What I need for a baby equipment?
    I do not know this :(
    Can you write me that down then I write this down and can show that to the Typi at the Jobcenter

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