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what to do against inertia? :(


Hello, so I'm in the 25 ssw with twins :) everything went great until now. Now I have been struggling with inertia for a few days !! I do not want to get up and do anything, that really annoys me !!! Do you have that too? And can you actually do something about it or reduce something? Z.b with teas etc.?

I hope you can help me


  • reply - 1: Mmmmmmhh, so I was in the initial phase times so that I had absolutely no desire to do anything. I had a week's holiday, but no drive to do something nice or something like that ...... But then it went away quite quickly by itself .... At the moment it is so, that the birth nunmal getting closer and I'm getting more motivated to do anything ......
  • reply - 2: I also know with the inertia ........ really stupid, but I've got it at the beginning (there's a bit more than now) and I must also catch up on everything. but that is also over again :-) tips I have not synonymous, I like to go for a walk, or make showers ....
  • reply - 3: I also know that with inertia! But it helps me to pay attention to a more or less regular daily routine, i. I'm in the morning with my husband on breakfast with him and then m PC break and then a little something in the household well u.s.w. etc.! That does not make that driveless but we have them under control and not us!

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