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Poems for children


Hello girls,
Seeking books written in rhyming form (
such as. The grüffelo) or poems for children.
Do you have any tips? Recommendations?
Or would you like to write poems yourself with me?
I think poems are an important part of German literature and especially valuable for language development - even for the very small ones.

Lg lisa


  • reply - 1: Well, I do not think so much of poetry myself ... I was in school at the time but very disgusted.
    But we got a totally sweet book for Nicholas, which is also written in rhymes. This has to be read every night and every night since Nikolaus ...
  • reply - 2: I love the book by Axel Scheffler "Where is Mummy?", Have been reading this up and down for a while.
  • reply - 3: Thanks for your tips and recommendations :-)
  • reply - 4: So we love the Grüffelo! And Noah likes the Gruffalo kid even more. He runs around constantly and whispers:
  • reply - 5: Yes I think the grüffelo really great and is a MUST for me in the nursery. I do not know what dajana thinks of it ;-)
    In any case, it is really great to read the book. I love it :-)

    The snail and humpback whale is now on my wish list! Thanks for the tip!

  • reply - 6: I can recommend "It will knock on Wanja in the night"! Here it is loved by the big and the little child means!

    Otherwise the books of Matz, Fratz and Lisettchen!

  • reply - 7: Another great book in this context: "The little I am me". That's great and Noah loves it too!
  • reply - 8: I like the book "Monika and Mingus" by Rotraut Susanne Berner. It's from the series Wimmlinger Stories. I read it more often Anna and she seems to like it - if you can say that at that age. ;-)
  • reply - 9: @Lisa: I once wrote poetry, but somehow I have no idea for a children's poem.
  • reply - 10: I have already written a few poems u stories for dana u painted pictures. Will then make a picture book for you. Let's see when it's done :-)

    Thank's for the Tipps :-)

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