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Girls = pink, boys = blue?


Hello everybody,

I have not found a post on this topic yet, so here's the question of how you will keep it ... Do you attract your baby sexually? In the shops everything is strictly divided according to boys and girls, the blue or the pink corner just.
We get a girl and I ask now the relatives to hold back with pink. Also, I find the phrase "How beautiful a princess" quite awful when you say that it is a girl.
How much you like this cliché theme?


  • reply - 1: I like that when you put on cliche custody  
    Sounds stupid but pink looks just the cutest in a girl or there are so many wonderful clothes for girls, but since I get a boy, it is there again something difficult I think 
  • reply - 2: I do not like these clichés at all!
    We get a boy and have only bought neutral stuff so far. For a girl, I would have chosen only a little pink clothes, I'm absolutely no fan of!
    But is known a matter of taste ;-)
  • reply - 3: The funny thing is that in the past the color was pink for boys and blue for girls. Today it is the other way around.
  • reply - 4: I have brought many neutral things in beige, white, yellow, red and green ... some but also in blue, which can not be avoided with a boy ...
    But if we decide on a second child, I do not have to get everything completely new if it turns into a girl. Basically, I'm not sooo the Rosa fan ... children should be dressed nicely colorful 
  • reply - 5: I find very few clothes in neutral colors, which I find very pity. Eg. Need my big a bathrobe would like to buy one in red or yellow and in the shops there are only pink and blue :-(
    Have noticed that the neutral stuff is only in small sizes.
  • reply - 6: My girl will not only wear pink, after all, I'm wearing other colors :) Got things in blue, gray, orange, yellow, etc. If it had become a boy, I would not have put on a pink, but not just blue. I always find it a pity that so few things are tolerated. I think girls can play with cars, tools or footballs as well as boys with dolls, play kitchens or skipping ropes. Work as a teacher and girls are just as happy in the building as boys, and boys often play in the doll's corner.
  • reply - 7: My son has some blue, but also a lot of neutral in green. I would never have put a girl in all those pink ruffled nightmares. I personally like blue and purple for me. But there is also little neutral children's fashion and the older they get the worse. All the things I bought for Junior I would also put on a girl. Why not?

    If you are looking for a red bathrobe, you may find it with Cars Logo. My nephew tows a lot of cars to everything in "Lightning red" is held.

  • reply - 8: Yes the annoying topic with the colors I have 2 girls and a boy and what comes now I do not know does not want to show  
    but no matter I have for every gender  
    the funny is after 7 weeks after the childbirth one has to check the FA and I had my dwarfs as vollstillerin of the clothes her you have seen that my daughter is a girl because I seriously ask the question oh is the sweet as is called he said i was completely dry his name is amelie

    and the same only the other way round it was with my son nils I am soon broken together I also have a lot of neutral still from my first daughter who will soon 15 years since there was still much neural things

  • reply - 9: I had planned this with my big too .... the family also gives what they want - in pink, purple, pink ... and at the latest in the kita then hello kitty and fillys theme and color
  • reply - 10: I think there are many beautiful colors for both sexes. I also like to buy blue for a boy. Would like to have a kind of sailor suit  

    My big but NEN pink shirt is totally, he has a dark complexion

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