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Hey girls
I realize that at the moment I have so no desire for my husband so sometimes I can not see him sometimes: S and I get annoyed extremely fast ... is there anyone else?
And what about PDA? Would you like that or do you want it in the old school way without nothing?


  • reply - 1: Fortunately, this is just the opposite for me .. he is totally sweet, relieves me because I have no power to nothing and massages my feet almost every night. But my mood is not really different, I'm just powerless. Too bad that you are different. But physically it's already extreme at the moment and the hormones are also doing their part to whet your appetite. I hope that happens soon.
  • reply - 2: Honestly, the question of whether you want a PDA or not - you can not answer first.
    I was convinced in my first pregnancy, none to want. The idea of ​​being pricked in the back with such a lunatic needle I found almost worse than the idea of ​​birth itself.
    Then the birth would have to be initiated and I had contractions for days. My body could not do it anymore and needed a break. Only for that I finally took the PDA. To have a breath of rest before the actual birth begins.

    Whoever demonizes the PDA or boasts of having "done it without it", I can honestly only smile at it. The PDA does not take the birth gift. It makes the contractions more bearable and depending on the course of the opening phase is simply worth the gold.

  • reply - 3: PDA Yes or no you can not say in advance in my opinion. You may have wishful thinking about how it should be, but most of the time, reality is different.
    I always wanted to try without .... so far so good. Then my midwife hung me on the intestinal drip and I almost broke down, not 30 seconds without pain. Ultimately, you could not place a PDA with me because you did not come between my vertebrae. Whatever ..... I was stabbed 9 (!!!) times without success.
  • reply - 4: Dear Hira,

    Nice that you want to ask and discuss your questions here. There is really a lot to discuss.

    I would ask you to split the questions so that it does not get so confusing.

    Could you just rename the topic to "PDA"? Then it could be interesting for all around the birth.

    The thing about being "annoyed" I would ask in the thread https://www.babycenter.de/thread/336090/ich-bin-genervttraurig-weil again. Since she fits perfectly pure :)

    Greetings from the mod team,

    snow white

  • reply - 5: I can tell something else. I was lucky that the pda was set so high that I had no pain. I'm scared of needles, I did not want pda at first, but I was happy about that. And I would definitely take her back with this child. Even if I'm afraid of howling
  • reply - 6: I think it depends on what kind of guy you are, are you more sensitive about pain or do you mind a lot?
    I can only write to you from my experience I had already strong blow at 4cm opening that I could not take it anymore, however, the application of the PDA was nothing
    Did not even notice the sting I was so happy and relieved afterwards and could even nod before the birth that did really well the birth pains you will have either way and I think so you need very much strength that's why I would not on PDA renounce
    On my second birth when I arrived at the hospital my opening was already 8cm open and I cried because I wanted the PDA (laugh) but did not go on it was already too late because I was not aware that I already after about 6 minutes would hold my baby in my arms
    As for my husband I just need him now in my third pregnancy and with two toddlers (2 and half, 1 and half) he helps me with all the kids ready for the kindergarten he brings them to do the shopping he cooks very happily and I also take some of the household off when I'm sick time but I think you are synonymous with the hormones a reason
    I hope it gets better with you soon
  • reply - 7: Does not your husband have to work. Mine is out of the house at 4 and comes home at 16.

    Mostly 7 days a week

  • reply - 8: My husband always annoys me with his presence even when he is cute so it was already last ss.

    Because of the PDA. So at the first birth I wanted to try it without first but after ten hours of unrelenting labor, I wanted the PDA.

    It was also good in hindsight. Because then I had a sucking bell birth so it had to go very fast in the end. 3 people pressed on my stomach and I had a dammriss and then had to be sewn.

    Clearly a PDA also has risks and and and. But I would do it again. Get informed well. And does not necessarily exclude it completely.

    And so by the way put the PDA I did not even notice the pain of pain. So at that point, I did not care much about it, just wanted it to stop.
    You have to say we were at the time more than 24 hours awake.

    7 o'clock in the morning gabs the pda and at 8:17 there was a mouse. So it was just in time

  • reply - 9: I'm probably unpopular with one or the other :) but it's my attitude
    I am absolutely no fan of PDA
    It is not natural .. by the blow the child is "prepared" for the birth of course it is very painful and power-stretching .. but nature has it so provided. I think the doctors would not be so hasty with introductions, etc., there would be less such 24-hour cases .. I'm not saying that it's fundamentally wrong. In my opinion, it interferes too often without a serious reason in the birth. They always justify it. Nevertheless, it seems to me different .. I was now instructed in retrospect without preamble to initiation .. had blown for 15 hours every 1-2 minutes .. then felt without pauses .. I begged in a trance for the PDA .. because I thought that I was here and Immediately deliver the spoon .. did not get any, probably because the distances were too short ..
    I somehow managed .. without further problems. , 3 days was still flat. ..but hey .. I'm still alive
    This time I will be smarter .. to notify several opinions ..
  • reply - 10: Ehm. Of course, contractions are natural and prepare the child for childbirth. A PDA does not prevent labor.

    You are certainly right with the fact that doctors quickly "escalate" many things and initiate them, or even recommend the caesarean section. Here I am with you.
    Nevertheless, both have their justification. Not always, sure. But for certain indications already. Look, I was ET for four days when I was initiated. My son was already huge (58cm, almost 5kg). If we had waited until he wanted to get out by himself, I might not have made it.

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