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Breastfeeding in pregnancy


Hello girls,
Who still breastfeeds you? Do you already have pain in breastfeeding and how old are your dwarfs?


  • reply - 1: Huhu - I still quiet my daughter and actually do me since about 2 weeks, the nipples hurt. Like when we started breastfeeding. Totally uncomfortable, and sometimes so much so that I can not put dwarf nose ..
    Am now 7 + 5 pregnant and actually did not want to breastfed because of the pregnancy ..

    do you also notice a difference?

  • reply - 2: Hello!
    I still quiet our 14 month old daughter (several times day and night)! :)
    So far I have no problems, neither pain nor sore nipples. Only in the meantime I had less milk for a few days, as usual with NMT. But that also subsided again, and now at 6 + 6, the milk is back to normal :)

    Do you plan to give birth before delivery?
    I want to send it to me, maybe even both breastfeed :)

  • reply - 3: I'm trying to quit because my gynecologist advised me to. Had 2 times bleeding, so I should stop. During the day it works quite well without and in the morning he is allowed to drink for the time being. Jacob was at 3.8 a year. I'm kinda wistful, I think more than the little guy.
  • reply - 4: I also feel that I care more about breastfeeding than my daughter;)
    But she needs it at night. She is used to drinking at night and falling asleep at night. At the moment it is too stressful for me to quit. I can not stand it, even if only a tear flows ... I hope a bit, she will eventually breastfeed themselves;)
  • reply - 5: But what have spotting to do with breastfeeding? Did your doctor say something about that?
    My daughter is 24 months old and we still breastfeed a lot - just because she needs it. It is her best comforter, the safe haven in new situations and the anchor when she is in trouble. We still breastfeed at night. My doctor did not ask me about our breastfeeding relationship, not even the 4 other doctors I was on for spotting at the beginning of pregnancy (I was on vacation and I had to quit two foreign doctors and a substitute)
  • reply - 6: I hope so too - but there is no end in sight. She just needs breastfeeding.
    For a friend, breastfeeding now slowly becomes less and less with 24 months (once a day, once a night) and at another, the son weaned himself at 19 months
  • reply - 7: I'm still quiet but right now Moritz is not so happy because he really does not like anything. He does not take the bottle and he does not like the porridge either.
    Since the breast is still best.
    I do not know what to do because I like to take away ned but it's exhausting and what do you do? Because Moritz is constantly biting and that's not pleasant at all.
  • reply - 8: I only read a bit on the internet, so far I have not had a doctor's appointment. But as far as I know, breastfeeding does not matter?
    But then probably the doctors will not quite agree again;)
  • reply - 9: How old is Moritz?
    Our daughter never really wanted to eat porridge. She eats everything by herself, now with a fork or spoon as well as she can and wants.

  • reply - 10: Moritz is now just over half a year old.
    It is somehow really difficult before he woke up kevin it was again sausage and neither bottle he wanted and breast but not really nucki even went ned at the end after half an hour screaming he has been content with the breast.

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