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You and your 3 year old, 1st month

How your child develops

Happy third birthday! Your little one becomes more independent every day (well, almost every day ...). It may already be able to pour the cereal itself into a bowl, and you can dress alone without your help - even if the composition and color choice may not quite suit your taste. Your child can run, stand, run and jump without spending much effort. At least when it comes to difficult tasks such as standing on tiptoe or balancing on one foot, it certainly takes all his concentration.

Family life: shared meals

Family meals are especially important now. When everyone sits together at the table, your little one learns how to behave properly: how to spread the food, waiting for everyone to have something, to listen to others speaking, not to get up from the table and run away when you've eaten. Daily meals together are absolutely desirable. If you do not work with the whole family on a daily basis, just try as often as possible.

Fast breakfast

It is often a real test of patience to get a kindergarten child to the kindergarten on time in the morning. Dressing up the drama, screaming while combing your hair, and then there's a healthy breakfast on the program! If your child is also one of the little junkers, good tips are needed - for example on the topic of fast but high-energy breakfast.

Parent Tip: Game Ritual

"Not only do we have to read aloud and sing for the daily evening ritual, but also a game before: Either we put together a small puzzle, play a round of memory or the ball track My daughter loves it!" - Caroline

Things to keep in mind

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