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Help - Sleep problems from the dwarfi


Hello - is it similar to who?
Fabio, 11 Where old ... since 2 Where we have problems with sleeping during the day .. he plays .. then he is tired .. then put it to sleep with pacifier, dark etc., but he cries and defends himself against it .. Spit pacifier and requires chest .. although he drunk half an hour ago .. and halbigs he sleeps only on me up .. and only about 30 min .. I can not nervous soon anymore.

Is that the KS? We would be Cranio but who finds nothing ah ...

Thank you!


  • reply - 1: So basically our son can not fall asleep without moving. He is also a KS baby, 12 weeks old. Spring cradle works well during the day, possibly eingepuckt, or stroller. In the evening only on the arm, possibly with white noise. All the best!
  • reply - 2: Hello NathiP,
    Have a look at Baby's sleep and / or ask your question again.
    Here I close, otherwise it gets too confusing.

    Greetings Purzilla from the mod team

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