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"If we get lost we get lost together."

David Haller - Legion


  • reply - 1: A bit of a sand squat
  • reply - 2: Cross over? 
  • reply - 3: But maybe the Italian neighbors only talked;) when we are in the pack we are really loud.
    My little one also has a totally loud organ tell him to keep it quiet 
  • reply - 4: Moin that may be the man is slightly hard of hearing 

    The bookends are great. Bohr still has to read the comics. I'll just go to the corner and be ashamed.

  • reply - 5: morning
  • reply - 6: I'm done with episode 7 :)
  • reply - 7: piccadilly? 
  • reply - 8: Yes! 
  • reply - 9: Amy - spoler JtV:

    Yes, I feel the same way. Rogelio has been annoying me for quite some time, as has xiomara. Unineressant.
    in fact, the story was robbed of the or at least one of its cores and it or I have to find myself, how I manage it. I also like to follow the story about sinostro. Raphael / Petra give a little telenovela brilliance and I also like Abuela very much in her heartfelt wisdom but just so without Michael? Now you will see the end of season 3, and then time will tell how much it will take me one day to re-enter season 4 ...

    have now until 24.8. (more lucifer follow) a bit idle.
    you woman with the same serial taste - what can you recommend short and entertaining? :-)

  • reply - 10: And - I'm ready for the garden photos :-)

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