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Gaining weight during pregnancy


Hello dear expectant mum,

Although there are already groups on the topic, but these are already older or inaccurate.

Are you also going to panic if you look at the tables showing average weight gain during pregnancy?

How much have you gained in which SSW? I am 16 + 1 today and have gained about 3.8 kg. Lt. Table should probably be only 0.5 kg. What about with you?



  • reply - 1:

    I am in the 21st week (20 + 1) and have gained 3kg. But before that I was already overweight, I think that then often is that you do not increase so much.


    I personally do not care. It comes as it comes. Eat well, then everything will be alright!


  • reply - 2: I deliberately never looked at tables. And never weighed me at home but only at the doctor's appointments. Your doctor will tell you if he finds your weight development questionable or if there is a problem like water retention. And otherwise do not make you crazy - behave yourself reasonable (not eat for two, do sports, drink a lot, healthy food etc) then it works! :-)
  • reply - 3: hm yes, I'm actually not worried. Just wanted to have a few comparison values ​​maybe because I can not imagine that you can go to these tables. My mother has just over 20 kilos increased with me what is too much then and one says yes it has a bit to do with predisposition. But thank you

  • reply - 4: Talk to your doctor. At home, I never weigh myself, only at the doctor. And as long as I hear nothing negative there, I do not mind. Should not you?
  • reply - 5: I am now at the end of the 24 weeks and have already increased by 15kg. Since I already had a lot on my back, I point out the weight every time I visit the FA, but he does not find it disturbing. So look at the tables and do not go crazy as long as you and your belly dwellers are fine

  • reply - 6: Hello .. I have synonymous with my son 25 kilos increased oO but had to go through the high summer and had a lot of water * auaaaaaaa ... so and now most of it is down again without any kind of sport zuhaben .. my little one is 16 months
  • reply - 7: hm, ok next week Friday I have appointment again, then I'll ask you. Thanks for your answers

  • reply - 8: Hey Silke give me a google "Weight Gain Pregnancy" because there's a link from Hipp right there you can enter your data then you will see a weight curve. But honestly I find the n bissle covered everything every body and every pregnancy is different. For me, the increase so far is normal (26th week and 6.5 kilos) but I also eat what I want and have never tried to live according to any plan that only consists of healthy food. Best regards and a nice pregnancy :-)
  • reply - 9: 3.5 kg so far .... 28.Ssw +3 ... :) is different anyway anyway ... as long as it does not get out of hand completely or you gain too little everything is ok. ;)
  • reply - 10: I'm at 16 + 4 today and finally have a kilo more after a strict cream sauce diet. First of all, I'm down from 62.4kg to 58, which lasted until last week, too persistently. the fa has said, however, in slim women it can happen that the pregnancy eats up all the reserves. So far, I look more like I have a beer belly, no one believes me, that I'm almost in the 5th month, sigh. So, I would like 1.2 kilos more ...

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