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8 days overdue test negative


Hello my dears,

I have a problem and I hope you can help me with your experience.
So I dropped my pill in September 2017. Then the first time I get my rule in November and then regularly. Now I'm already 8 days over it, have already made two tests, both NEGATIVE. Can I still be pregnant despite everything?


  • reply - 1: Hello a similar problem I had last month was even 13 days overdue. At first I did not think about it and I was totally happy because I gave birth in January, my daughter quietly, but since all the tests were negative then But the doctor, blood and urine test also negative. It was stated that I had no full ovulation and my period just stopped. The end of the fairy tale was that I then had to take yellow-body hormones. Then thank God, they finally came yesterday, I've never been so pleased about the red tide Still you very firmly keep your fingers crossed that it has worked out with you and it just is not yet detectable
  • reply - 2: Yes that can be quite. I got my period two days ago and I was on cycle day 47. Sometimes the body goes crazy
  • reply - 3: Everything up to 35 cycle days is completely normal.

    On which cycle day are you today?

  • reply - 4: On my 2nd SS, the test was only positive on the 36th day. Unfortunately, it ended in the 11th SS week, but that's another story. (.

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