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Shopping for our abdominal dwellers


Have you already bought something?

Or do you want to wait for the sex first?

Is it superstition that one should not buy anything before birth? (Which is almost impossible at the present time).


  • reply - 1: Sooo I've already bought something :-) a few socks :-) the goods were sooo cute because I could not resist ... :-)
  • reply - 2: I had to take such a sweet set on Saturday :) since I do not know the gender, it is neutral.

    Actually, I am not in favor of buying the first 12 weeks, because the miscarriage rate is very high.

    At the first pregnancy, I started to buy such little things in the 17th week, which of course I still have. For me it is, for example, after the miscarriage not difficult to look at the home, because I have chosen with great love for my child and one of my children will get it.

    But since I am now convinced that everything will go well, I have already bought something as a positive symbol.

  • reply - 3: It is customary for us that the bought baby things are not brought into the house until you return from the KH. But I've already gotten a cradle from my grandfather and that is already with us and now I'll probably break with the custom. Have already bought a changing shelf and from my sister I got a seat, which can be moored to the table.
  • reply - 4: We have deliberately bought nothing. Wait another 10 weeks ..
  • reply - 5: Line00 - it's just difficult to wait until after the Kh. You want to prepare everything, wash, build ... of course not in the 20ssw, but as of the 30-32ssw I think you should start with it.

    Marron - did you buy or wait for the last few pregnancies?

  • reply - 6: I totally agree with ina

    @ ina: no, until the 15th ssw we had no time and then I was only in the Kh, we did not come too.
    my sister-in-law wanted to give us her children's furniture. her 4th and last child unfortunately died shortly before ET. well, and in the ss with emma rose she wanted to give us the furniture only in the last few weeks, because, it can happen something and then everything is here around. since her loss, she has been so excited that she only looks forward to a baby when it is there. the furniture has now probably jmd other from her big circle of acquaintances ..

    we only have one stuffed animal, what we bought, a denti pacifier, pacifier chain and bibs, which were corporate gifts

  • reply - 7:
  • reply - 8: Hello,

    We still have some of our first daughter (23 months), but a few things we have already brought, of course, gender-neutral because we still know what it is ned! But on some things you can just pass ned! ;)

    ET 13.02.2014

  • reply - 9: Maron I understand that, many women can not look at the stuff then at home ... my husband asked me in the hospital if he should give it away, but I decided that it remains and I put it away .. .but we only have a few clothes, pacifiers and so little things, luckily not furniture ... where we ordered prams and then we could cancel it.

    Now I do not want to shop big at least until the 25ssw, then I think I would have to look at something and order

    P.S .: the hedgehog is urrr sweet :)

  • reply - 10: ninchen1809 - I can understand, there are so many beautiful things that I would like to take all :)

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