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You and your baby: 2 months, 3rd week

How your baby is developing

Your little one is not Justin Timberlake yet, but his coordination gets better almost every day. The jerky movements that it has made as a newborn become smoother and rounder, especially when watched by other people. Give your baby enough room to stretch and stretch his arms and legs in all directions.

Place your baby on a blanket on the floor so that he can move freely without injuring himself.

This helps him to shape and strengthen his developing muscles. When your baby is lying on his stomach, he will begin to kick his legs - the first step on the way to getting around.

More about the development with two months.

We play!

Two awesome game ideas that could make your baby fun this week and encourage its development!

Your life: Remember to prevent!

Can you become pregnant while you breastfeed? Even if you have had no menstruation since birth? The answers are yes and yes. Even if you rarely have sex, you can get pregnant again. Although popular belief says otherwise, breastfeeding is not a safe method of contraception. Their ovulation occurs about two weeks before menstruation, but you never know when it's time again. Therefore, you should use contraceptives if you do not want to give your baby almost the same age sibling. Your doctor will list all options, but here are some things that can help you decide:

How did you prevent your pregnancy? You can not always continue to use the same method. If you have used a diaphragm or a cervical cap before your pregnancy, then the contraceptive has to be readjusted because your baby's body could have changed.

If you have been using hormonal contraceptive methods like the pill or hormone patches, then you should not use this method as long as you are breastfeeding because the hormones can affect the amount and quality of breast milk.

If you want to prevent hormonal contraception, you should use only medications containing the active ingredient progesterone, such as the mini-pill or the hormone injection.

Do you want to try something new? For example, a copper spiral (IUD) sits better in women who have already born than in women who have no children.

Have you ever thought about the use of condoms? They are particularly good for breastfeeding because they do not interact with breast milk.

Parent tip: Sleep with aching chest

"If you have particularly sore nipples, then I recommend sleeping with a pillow between your breasts and between your knees. This is comfortable and supports the heavy, aching chest! "- Claire
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