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Short info: Moderation


Hello girls :)

I just want to let you know that I'm one of the presenters.

So if there are problems, concerns etc, you can always send me a message :)

I would also like to merge duplicate threads as they reappear, so that there is more order.
Maybe you can give me a short feedback? :)

Best regards,


  • reply - 1: Have fun and always breathe deeply ;-) no nonsense .. good luck and clean up the store again!
    Lg the tooth fairy
  • reply - 2: Nice that you take time for it. Many Thanks
  • reply - 3: Have fun with your new task :)

    To the question:

    I find the clean-up still superfluous;)

    But an up-to-date table of contents would be great .... and would certainly protect against many a double thread.
    Not all threads need to be integrated - but so the most important ones on the different topics (diseases, breastfeeding, sleeping, eating, ...)

  • reply - 4: Thanks for the effort! LG
  • reply - 5: I think it's good that you do it now, but on the topic doppelhread I have to say that it does not bother me, because if someone ne question has no read through 300 posts or not always has the time! It would be better if the question is answered, push it into the appropriate thread, right?

    Nevertheless, thank you very much that you take over the task now!

  • reply - 6: Oh, I did not see that. Great, thanks Alix

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