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Oh, I'm waxing


Some of you know the book, I have it myself, and some babies are going through their throats or are they already behind and sometimes it feels good to talk about it or not?  

I'm always rather unsure if my mouse thrust or not, since I just can not find my book since moving I can not read. In any case, my mouse has been very affectionate since yesterday afternoon. She is as good as not going to get away from me today, but she is immediately awake. So today was very exhausting with her,

Now she is lying on my head upholstery and that seems to work well she is still sleeping, but will soon wake up because soon is meal time (comes every 2 hours) but let's see.


  • reply - 1: Huhu. For a few euros, there's the book as an app :) Much more practical with the same content. Maybe that's the alternative to the lost book


  • reply - 2: Hello everyone,
    Maybe jmd. Can give us a little tip? My son was probably just getting his first growth spurt. He did not want to leave the chest last night from 7pm until that night at 3am, he also drank without end. And without that I had to animate him. Then he slept in bed next to me. I'm in total panic that I have a breastfeeding marathon again. How long do the growth spurts last? And can somehow help the little one? Am the first time mom and thankful for your tips.
  • reply - 3: Thanks I just downloaded the app ...
    after the app, my mouse should not make a jump, but these are just statistics each child is developing so different.
  • reply - 4: Yes, one could be, just watch :) my mouse has today the 3rd day that she gets restless in the evening and not from the breast but at the same time wants to scream at the breast until she drinks and falls asleep but only if for 10 min and then it starts all over again. lasts for an hour and then she sleeps for an hour until she does the game again but then she sleeps for 3 hours. But there is only in the evening so the day she is an angel.
  • reply - 5: How old is your little mouse?
  • reply - 6: My mouse usually falls asleep right after breastfeeding and was barely awake in the last few days. Today she is 12 days old. Does she maybe have a boost? Somehow worry me. Otherwise she slept much more: / would be nice if someone can help me ..
  • reply - 7: Do not necessarily be a shove. Maybe they just grow up just physically.
    And that's why they just want to drink more often.
  • reply - 8: mine is now 13 days old and previously fell asleep while stilling. Now only if it is worn. He is now awake longer, often up to 15 minutes. And then he suddenly falls asleep.
    This is normal they are just getting older and therefore slowly more awake.
  • reply - 9: Today she was just 4 hours awake in a hurry .. Otherwise not even one and in time I'll silence her and wrap her :) I'm just glad that she does not cry ... She wants a lot of closeness ...
  • reply - 10: Our son is 12 days old today. My midwife said that maybe he had too much stress. We were in the morning doing a few errands in the city.

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