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Hello everybody,
I've thought about the last few days again and again about a child seat for the car. Of course, I'm totally overwhelmed which is probably the right one. Currently I am thinking of buying a reorder? What are your experiences? Have you already bought a child seat or which one do you use for your previous children?


  • reply - 1: The big one 6 years ago, there was a Kiddy Guardian fix pro
  • reply - 2: The Grand Reboarder rides here and since he will crack the 18kg in the not too distant future, we hope that the new (Axkid Minikid will not be around) will be available until Christmas. Then Zwergi moves to the "old" seat as soon as he has outgrown the baby seat. We currently have a Besafe izi combi x4 in the big car and the cybex sirona in the small one. Luckily, a new seat is enough to get rid of a car. No cheap pleasure, but rather safe on the road than being saved at the wrong end.
  • reply - 3: Does one have the joie spin?
  • reply - 4: Huhu we will get the caretero Pegasus or scorpe .....

    That's the Pegasus

  • reply - 5: And that's the scorpe

    The difference between the two is the weight ....

    Pegasus from 0-18 kg and the scorpe from 0-25 kg

  • reply - 6: I find quite interesting, even if it is always written why you have decided for the respective seats. I did not even write it myself That's why I just summarize briefly. With us is driven backwards, because it is safer and the seats to child and car fit. We hope that our successor dwarf fits well into the already existing seats ...
  • reply - 7: My son sat in the reboarder until he was 21 months old. Romans First Class Plus means that I believe. Our car has no Isofix, since the selection was limited at that time. Since then, he drives forward with the seat, which can be used in both directions. He sits behind the driver's seat and I can not put it back so far that his seat is trapped by the backrest. As a reboarder, he does not bring much, so we filmed. My little one is still sitting in the Maxi Cosi behind the passenger (jammed;)).
    The Big One has now received the seat Class II of Maxi Cosi, the Rodi XP Fix in the Star Wars Edition (gift from the aunt ). Once the little girl is out of the MC, we swap once. She then comes back to the Roman and he into the Rodi.

    Basically, I would advise to refreshers. Even if then many many stupid sayings and meaningless counter arguments will come from others 

  • reply - 8: We currently have Cybex Aton M baby carriers. When we ordered them, they were new to the market and we expected them to fare as well as the other Cybex baby carriers. So it was then, our shells were in November test winner at Stiftung Warentest and ADAC. For the shells we have two Isofix base stations for each car. Later on, the Sirona M can be fitted either backwards or forwards with a catcher, and the Sirona seats have been tested very well several times.

    These baby bowls can also be fixed without a normal station with the seat belt, which was also an argument for us, if grandma had to pick up the kids at short notice, we should stay by car or go with the bowls on vacation. They are also approved for the aircraft.

    For us, the very good test results, the combination system and the flexibility were decisive. When it comes to flexibility, the idea was that some children hate Reboarder, either from the beginning or later. If you can turn the seat then fixed, you have saved a seat / bad buy.

    Where we have not decided yet, whether we will buy two or four Sirona seats, so two for each car or whether we constantly change (because simple clip system). The tendency is but direction four seats to make the Kita-Fahrdienst flexible.

  • reply - 9: For us it was crucial that you can use them forwards as well as backwards and above all the different positions. Since we are traveling longer and he can thus also in the lying position. We do not have isofix and that's why we do not have that many in our group ...
  • reply - 10: Hello,

    We chose the reboarder
    GB Goodbaby VAYA I-SIZE decided.
    Our daughter has been sitting in it for almost 5 months. She loves it. There she sits a little higher and can look everywhere. I always had the impression she feels confined in the baby bowl. Everything is fine now. And it makes it easier to get in and out because you can turn the seat.Since it is an i size, the child has to drive backwards until it is 15 months old. Is determined by law. But is certainly safer. I love the seat. And our daughter too. He was expensive but she can sit in it for about 4 years which I think is very good.

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