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The Pregnant - The unknown entity for the partner


So dear ones,

I have not found anything in the table of contents yet. Therefore, I thought that the topic certainly affects some pregnant women.

Despite vomiting, I just had to smile about my husband.

I'm not feeling so well today and when I finished eating, I could run straight to the bathroom. Through the locked door, I softly heard my husband ask: Do you still love me? Can I bring you something?

It's really cute.

But right now he can only do it badly. Do you know that?


  • reply - 1: Hello,

    very funny, we just had the same. So he asked me how I'm doing and I was lying on the couch all day, not feeling well all day and having to surrender a few times.
    And then I say like that: well, residents one floor down today probably did not mind.
    Since he had to laugh .... for him that is still difficult to "understand" he is happy, but he just can not touch it .....

    he tries everything I'm fine, but of course he can not do anything.

    I'm sorry, but I'm just not so great

  • reply - 2: My husband thinks I've been in a better mood since I was pregnant and can stand his temper more calmly. I think in a way he is right, but I put it to the fact that I'm in the BV and therefore have no stress.

    From another app: "The 'I-Under-Understanding Mantra': Due to your wife's hormonal change, mood swings can take on dramatic proportions, stay cool and take it with humor."

  • reply - 3: I've also asked my face right now in the face what a problem he has just with me, hisses me with every little thing on us is bitchy ....
    "Your mood is quickly transferring to me".
    At the moment I feel very balanced because I have to avoid stress, but he is just developing more like a "co-pregnant dad" like I want  
    In this case, so more of my husband is the unknown being ...
  • reply - 4: In the beginning we got together a couple of times, because my bad mood was transferred to him and at the moment we have a lot of stress with moving and renovation (just bought a house). Can unfortunately help only moderately at the moment, because I often go bad and I'm just aufm sofa and strive not to vomit ...
    But there have talked about it and also tries to raise a lot of understanding. For him it's just so hard that he can not help me with that. He always wants to cook tea for me or something, but alone with the smell I often get sick: D
    In addition, he is only at the weekend at home and has a guilty conscience that he can not help me the other days. Even if he could not really do something.

    Just hope, I feel better after the first three months ...

  • reply - 5: I gave our dad the book ... for the second pregnancy. He thinks it's great and said he needed that last time.
    It is partly illustrated funny, but quite instructive.
  • reply - 6: It's not easy at the moment ... My husband is just quitting smoking and the mood swings are starting to slow down ... There's trouble preprogrammed, although we're not actually arguing like that.

    Do you know that from your men too, that they are more concerned than you are? My FA said so nicely: there is the dad probably more pregnant than the mom 

  • reply - 7: Since the pregnancy has been confirmed, we have a lot of bangs and I do not know how to deal with it. I always hide in order not to get upset and my sister is in November club this year showed me a great book he reads it Although not always but it helps him to understand what's going on in me it's really not for women the book is a bit spiteful but it's actually only for men it can only recommend .. We finally have more rest now 
  • reply - 8:


    Lau3vor 1 hour ago. Under the topic we can, for example, discuss all these exciting things:

    Will your partner be present at birth?

    Do you sometimes think about how a (further) child will change your relationship? What are you looking forward to? What are you afraid of?

    Does your partner take parental leave? How do you want to divide up your education?

  • reply - 9: Hello everybody
    I'm a bit disappointed right now ...
    I can feel the small now for a good week really strong could already see a few small kicks from the outside unfortunately my friend was never there in these moments. But even if he is there and I feel our little strong and say he should put his hand on my stomach he does that but if he does not feel anything after 5 minutes he does it again and says he feels nothing. But sometimes it just takes patience and you have to focus on it. He puts his hand on it and is next to the phone and wonders that he feels nothing so strong are the kicks just not yet. But he does not bother. But why? I do not understand that that is beautiful for him or not?

    It makes me very sad or do you think I am exaggerating?

  • reply - 10: I just believe that a pregnancy for the man is only really realized at birth. Does not know your friend, but I do not think that he is not interested but just too far away. Men do not spend so much time with us as we do women. So after the motto, he wanted it anyway only the baby just did not do anything. But if you are sad, you should talk to him about it. He probably is not aware that it bothers you so much

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