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ET 21.05.-31.05.2018



I just saw that it was a topic for the ET 04.05. gives. Maybe who of you whose ET is also end of May is like to exchange views over the last few weeks and to hibble on the beginning?

My ET according to mother pass is the 30.05 .. But I know that the ES was very early and therefore go from 25.05. out. That goes well with the US.



  • reply - 1: My E.T is the 31.05. Therefore still 39 days. But I have the feeling he would like to make his way into my arms sooner ♡
  • reply - 2: My Et is also the 30.5. I'm curious when it will come but really. Currently she is always about a week bigger ... but my first one was only 40 + 6. So wait and see: D
    But I think the last few weeks are like chewing gum
  • reply - 3: According to ultrasound ET is the 25.5. For me, calculates the 29.5. On the other hand, the difference of a few weeks is quite clear, especially now towards the end, so it is nice to talk to those who are about the same length.
    It does not necessarily have to start with me soon. I still like to be pregnant and I have to prepare a lot of things.
  • reply - 4: My ET is the 31.05 and I expect to slip into the June but that's fine with me and everything that happened before it is just then a moment of surprise. Find it great here to find some like-minded people from the end of the month I feel like there are many here from the beginning to the middle of May. I have to say that the weather is throwing me completely out of the track and I'm only looking for the shadow, because eigt I'm not so. In addition, there is little air and symphyseal pain so general I had a dreamlike first pregnancy.
    How are you doing?
  • reply - 5: Here also the 31.5.
    Since I am with gmh shortening for more than six weeks, it is still eternal and felt for me are all at 36+. Just push on 3.5. There, I can go to my hospital and the worst is through, whereby my child seems so small with 2.2 pounds.
  • reply - 6: I also have ET 30.05.
    But at the latest on 23.5. initiated due to size and weight of the mouse.
    The Püppi is already firmly in the basin Friday morning I had again Senkwehen. So she realizes herself that the place is not infinite  
    From 1.5. we are ready. Before that, the dad is still traveling in Bavaria ....
  • reply - 7: My E.T is the 22.5 but I think she comes earlier ... The 2 big ones came in 37+ and 38+
  • reply - 8: My ET is the 26.05., I can not wait to keep my little one healthy and happy in my arms. The last few weeks, however, are like chewing gum. My little one, however, weighs about 2 kg at 35 + 1. That is why They like to stay in the stomach for the last 5 weeks, even if the SS does not go very well. I wish all of you a nice, pleasant rest pregnancy 
  • reply - 9: My ET is the 31.05 :) but have the assumption that the little man comes rather because he was the last ultrasound ne week further. I'm fine so far, from time to time comes nausea and heartburn ...
  • reply - 10: Here 24.5 but he does not want to turn so I'm going from a KS out on the 26.4 will be discussed still hope for a small miracle but he is BEL since the beginning .. I've become friends with the weather after days of long circulatory problems and now it should be worse again .. great .. and pigment disturbance I got in the face through her sun still someone?

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