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Current hibblers here


somehow many contributions are ancient here. Who is hibbling?


  • reply - 1: Hallöchen.I'm still on the hibbeln.
    And you?
  • reply - 2: Hello :)

    I'm in the process - how far are you? I arrived at ÜZ 2 and closer to the ES.

  • reply - 3: I already Üz 17 and wait again until finally my ES is. Although I think only once again make a hormonal status. Fair for about 4 cycles my tempos and have simply stated that I always get to ES + 6 my days. Maybe the yellow body?

  • reply - 4: Oh dear you! Unfortunately ihc do not know me at all. But you already have a child. How could that work then? or if it works once again it would go again .... Do you take any meds?
  • reply - 5: That's exactly what I asked myself, and that gives me hope.
    At the moment I'm taking chaste tree and go to homeopathy
  • reply - 6: I heard that many have achieved good results with acupuncture. But you have to believe that too ....
  • reply - 7: Yeah, I've already heard. And how are you?
  • reply - 8: I'm in the middle of the cycle and can not even rate ned. In addition, I've got now times chaste - maybe bring something
  • reply - 9: Chasteberry should regulate well, keep your fingers crossed that it works fast.

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