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Is my child "normal"?


This question has been a concern for me lately!
As it is my first child and each one of course is different in its development, I am unsure if everything is really "normal" with us.
I see the many babies of the same age who just behave differently.
Hug their mommies, crawl towards them or seek comfort when they fall.
My daughter does not do that, she wants almost no physical contact with me, which makes me very sad.
If I take her in her arms she wants to get down immediately.
She sometimes has seconds where she plays crazy.
I always thought that was the teeth ...
Even in the presence of peer babies, she behaves differently and distantly.
My brother is autistic now I am afraid that my daughter might be affected as well.
How does one know what normal behavior is, or just a developmental leap that involves teeth or a real illness behind it?
Does one or the other ask something similar?
And how do you deal with it?


  • reply - 1: I think only one doctor can tell you that, but as far as I know, autism at that age can not be diagnosed. Maybe you just tell the pediatrician about it.
    Incidentally, our big son never had much interest in cuddling. He wanted to discover the world and not be interrupted. He has NEVER come to me in the toddler group! And he is very healthy. The little one is different and comes to cuddle by himself. So different are the needs.
    I understand that you are missing that and you are worried. You will not be able to change it. I keep my fingers crossed that everything is good and enjoy it when your child wants to get into your arms.
  • reply - 2: Hi,
    our son was like that too. He never wanted to cuddle, he only wanted to be in his arms when he wanted to get somewhere and could not do it alone.
    He sometimes screamed properly when I picked him up and immediately kicked him free. Quite different than most children. It also made me very sad.
    He also never wanted to run on his hand. And when he was able to walk later, he also went exploring the world instead of looking for me.
    Many parents "threaten" their children, yes, to go schonmal, if they do not come along. All the children I know run screaming after. My only waving and playing  

    But it has gotten better. He is still very independent but meanwhile he gives more and more kisses. Hugging is not like that. So about 2 years old he started to like to look at books, because he cuddles then often.
    And since he is about 3 years old he does not want to go to bed alone anymore. The first years he has best slept alone and for himself.
    So we are still going to sleep.Lately, he also falls asleep with radio play. He is now 4,5.
    Try to see the benefits. To drag the child around the whole day because otherwise it would not cry well all the time. The acclimatization to the kindergarten was very easy for us. And when she comes to you, the joy is even greater.

    I think that's just a matter of character. I would not assume that it is pathological now.
    I keep my fingers crossed that your daughter wants to cuddle up soon.

    By the way, my daughter is very different now. She would like to be carried all day long and keeps crawling after me. She also sleeps much worse because she constantly checks to see if I'm still around. My son slept through with 5 weeks; My daughter is nowhere near asleep to sleep

  • reply - 3: I have to say my daughter does not like to cuddle. If I take her in my arms, she pushes away with all her strength and wants to go down. That sometimes goes along with squeaking and shouting.
    She prefers crawling around and wants her peace  
    Even in the evening in bed, she turns away, which means something like, leave me, I sleep now.
    Find it too often a pity that she does not like it but I think that will come again .... hopefully   
  • reply - 4: Oh, you compare always synonymous, although you should not!
    I know a lot of moms with peers here in our village and they behave very differently.
    But it's not just that, I love her so much and would love to cuddle, smooch and hug her!
    I know that she loves me too, that shows her through different things, just not so.
    She is so curious and always wants to explore and explore everything, since I'm just sturgeon
    I hope that will change someday.

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