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Pregnant after a miscarriage


Hello everybody, I lost a miscarriage on 10/30/2014 in 10 Calculated Week. Bleeding started on 29.06.2014. Despite the miscarriage, I still feel pregnant. 2 weeks ago, I still had hormones in my blood. And now my period is still out. I have a week off and have not asked my FA yet. Does anyone know what happened to me? Can I be pregnant? I only had about 5 days before my FG without contraception intercourse. It would be nice if someone could give me an answer.


  • reply - 1: First I'm sorry that you had a FG!
    My FG with AS was on 26.06!

    That you have no period and you still feel pregnant can be normal!
    Likewise, you can still increase the HCG value 5 weeks later!
    Some take months to return to zero!

    You can not be pregnant
    You were still pregnant at the GV, then came the demolition!
    After that you have to mature an egg before ovulation, which usually takes 10-14 days!

  • reply - 2: Hello Dani209, thank you for your answer. I am also very sorry that you also had a FG!
  • reply - 3: Hello talented
    I had the FG and as in April.
    Exactly one month later, I still had the feeling of being pregnant. During the investigation it turned out that my hcg value was still not really down and I also had an inflammation in the fallopian tube, which was also too big. The doctor in the kkh said that it was with me that I have all the signs.
    Have some patience until your body searches again.
  • reply - 4: Hi everybody and I'm sorry that you have to experience synonymous, and I'm sorry for my German. For me was scraping on 18/06/2014 and I have my days on 20/07/2014 until today and very minimal and have such pain pulls down today I could not stand I went to my wife who has made ultrasound and I have my ovulation had and broke the table must take tablets 14 days. does anybody have experience that i have thought that i am pregnant, we do not prevent weis not whether it is good or not good. we also have a daughter Eleanora who is 2.8. I'm worried we still want 2 child
  • reply - 5: Stay calm, Dilyara! Give your body some time, at least one period, to relax and then it will work again!
  • reply - 6: Sorry Dilyara! I can understand you very well. My FA advised me to use condoms until the first period after that. In the women's clinic even until the third period. Do not worry. I would advise you to prevent contraception until your period is settled. At least that's what I want to do. Until about 3 months later.
  • reply - 7: Meinsternschen2014 Thank you very much for your advice. Sorry for you that it went that way.
  • reply - 8: Thank you talented PapaHenner ... .I believe I'll wait for it was straight from the hospital came from my pain was finished in sound recording was unconscious had to stay there for a few days I will spare my body and think positive if clap then klapst
  • reply - 9: my hormone levels 440% and that's been more than a month ago. Check again to the doctor on Monday
  • reply - 10: I was pregnant but that was ectopic pregnancy was very close to me ... ..have no scraping was found and immediately operated on the abdomen 2 Op and 2 times anesthesia = (((

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