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You and your 33-month-old child

How your child develops

The closer you get to the third birthday, the more you realize your child is curious about the mood of others. It asks why grandma is angry or his brother is sad. Attempting to explain ("Grandma is upset because her car is not driving") helps your child understand that feelings are completely normal and you can talk openly - at the same time, you assure your child that it has done nothing wrong.

Your child also learns to understand his own moods and his temperament becomes clearer - whether it be quiet, adventurous, reserved or talkative. You can gently encourage your little one to discover its various facets. But always make it clear to him: "I love you no matter how you are and what happens". For example, you might introduce a shy child to other children - but let it be, if it prefers to hang on your skirt. Respect his way of seeing the world because that is the only way to learn how to move around safely.

That's how your life changes

Everyone talks about how exhausting two-year-olds can be, but they forget how helpful children at this age are in the home! You want to play an active role in your world and you want to be loved and respected by you. Maybe your little one wants to help you set the table, fold the laundry or collect toys. This is your chance to get a dedicated home help while promoting good behavior. Do not forget to reward your child after work with kisses and hugs.

A new car seat?

If your child is getting too big for his current car seat, then you should now consider investing in a seat that "grows" with you. They are available for children from 15 kilos. Whichever seat you buy, make sure it is securely fastened.

Parent tip: A private bed

"We were not sure when to get our son off the family bed to his own bed - I did not want to force him until he was ready for it, so we put his bed in our bedroom for a few weeks very tight, but our son was able to get used to his new bed in a safe environment. " - Gaynor
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If your child has an allergy that requires you to be careful when choosing foods, you might want to use a few new prescription ideas. Ask other parents in our forum for their recipes.

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