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Hello dear, am in the 11+ 3ssw fights since the beginning with circulatory problems & nausea :( The circulatory problems are so bad that I can hardly stand a St, I sack immediately from .. get snappatmungen: (actually working passionately as a hairdresser but at the moment it does not work ..been sick since 4nwochem and I'm really scared to go back to work, so the question to you has one of you had & when did it go away again? Thanks


  • reply - 1: I had the same problem as you from 10 + 0 .. with me it was so that I could not stand long, then I've become sick and black with eyes .. it has subsided at 11 + 5, but it From time to time there are still days where I struggle with circulatory problems
  • reply - 2: Hello. I had circulatory problems since the beginning. It was really bad when I did sports. Then almost Nen collapsed. Accordingly, I've done nothing the whole time Jetz :-( and so it turns me again and again, I am now at 11 + 5, and it is Bissi better., Nevertheless, it comes from time to time, even when eating a home remedy I did not find net yet.
  • reply - 3: I'm not so blatant but it's enough
    where I did not know of the ss I am almost tipped over once could quickly to the bed
    I'm still dizzy but not every day is 13 + 3
  • reply - 4: So unfortunately I had the problem in the last ss synonymous very long. I also had to make a long-term ekg and in ikea I unfortunately had a circulatory collapse :-( So I always have that when I'm standing or walking a lot and especially in shops .. Sass as often in the penny or scooter etc on the pallets or just on the floor ... I got a tip from the doc back then, rolling on the heels, that stimulates the blood circulation and that the blood is pumped up again from the legs, which helps me very well, I hope I will this time not so much problems with it.
  • reply - 5: I also have problems with the circuit since the 7th week. can barely 15 minutes stand me together, I'm black in front of and Kotzübel. I'm sick on 7 weeks because I have to stand in my job the whole day :-( no idea how long that will take, I'm now in the 14th week ...
  • reply - 6: I am now 11 + 5 ssw and lay flat for the last three days. I just vomited and whenever I wanted to get up, my eyes turned black. My husband then had to completely look after our son and household
    take care of yourself ... This morning I almost got well again. What really helped me today was a change shower and a fruit breakfast ...
  • reply - 7: Sval: yes exactly I work as a hairdresser every day 10
    Working hours, evt soger of it 8 hours are because we are very often only to 2 .. it is pretty bad with such a problem to hold out .. I'm curious how long I will be written sick because after 6 weeks, the health insurance pays is also stupid, well
    I let myself be surprised I just hope it's over soon :( .. and I'm glad about it that I'm not the only one ..
  • reply - 8: Well I had that really bad especially before and about Easter.
    Now it's ok :)

    The midwife has recommended me to take rosemary oil and sniff it when the cycle spins or a bit on the neck to rub so I smell it.
    This should stimulate the circulation.
    However, in extreme cases, the doctor should again make a thorough n check. She told me that.
    Could hardly go 100m very very slowly without feeling drunk. So it was really bad.
    Hope it will not be that bad in summer.
    Important in the event of problems with the circulation - but keep moving in between. The less you do during the day, the worse it gets.
    I walk a lot - make sure there are benches on the track.
    I have recently grape sugar in my pocket and drink it.

    When doing business I plan more time for rest breaks. When I go out of the house, I eat an apple or a pear (even though I've just had breakfast)
    In the heat of the day, I take care to put things in the early morning and do not do so much at midday.

  • reply - 9: I can not stay in one spot at all ..
    Eg. At the cash register or if I want to talk to someone ..
    I notice right away that I feel very strange .. My heart starts to beat very fast, I feel sick u my whole body feels like it is collapsing inside ..
    I always try to refuse iwo or sit down .. or to move, so to walk ..
    The whole has also started only since the SS u is really stupid, if you meet once iwen or want to go shopping u in front of the rule is: P ^^
    Am now in the 12ssw u hope that will be better ^^
  • reply - 10: Exactly in such situations as eg cash register I do that with that on the heel roll. Maybe you try nicole2511

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