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Hello to the already married girls!
Which of you got pregnant?
For me it is eight months so far but I can not find a suitable garment ...
We marry in january that means it has to be "winterproof" and babybauchgeeignet ..
But I can not find anything! :-(

What did you have? Or you have other tips (eg that the feet do not freeze)

Thanks in advance!


  • reply - 1: Hmm, I got married in mid-April 11, civil. And my daughter was born in early June. I had a dress on, but that is not so suitable for winter. Where, with Bolero over it? But babybaby suitable :-)! Would have to take a look tomorrow, as it says again ;-)!
  • reply - 2: I would really go there just before. You do not know how big the belly will be. Maybe you rattle off some online shops. There are few maternity wear stores around here. Incidentally, I did not marry pregnant. My sister-in-law was only in the 4th month. Since it was also rather unproblematic.
  • reply - 3: Ne do not wait, the bridal fashion stores buckle such a pseudo-to-do with it is looked at what is possible. In addition, the clothes usually need to be re-stitched in terms of length, etc. This can take one to two months.

    But when everything is ready and it is then a little too tight or too loose, it can be changed at short notice what is decided at the last fitting then it is on time.

  • reply - 4: Not meant bad, but I bought my wedding dress only 2 weeks before the appointment and it was finished punctually despite the change. My experience.
  • reply - 5: You marry civil, with wedding dress or just "only" with a beautiful dress?
  • reply - 6: Then it depends on how much they have to do.
    Design dresses are more elaborate and I think it depends on how many shops there are in the area, the less the more they may have to do.

    If you have no idea what it should look like, you should look for it now.
    The dress of my sister from Dusseldorf took 6 weeks until it sat like a glove.
    If you know what you are looking for you can take your time.

    I have always brought suggestions in the net that helps.

  • reply - 7: I can not help you with the choice of clothes, but if you want to wear pumps or ballerina, a cold sheepskin insole - just buy half a size bigger, then nothing will hurt.
  • reply - 8: I marry tomorrow ... and I'm 20 ssw :-) Oineshop I can not recommend ... if it should be a wedding dress. I ordered my first online ... but that is really problematic that it fits perfectly then especially if you are already in the 8th month. I was then in a bridal shop (Berlin) who had a super nice selection of extra maternity bridal ... A belly I was also tried to sample ... that helped really good to imagine it correctly, because with a stomach so a dress sits really good ... To pick a dress I would draw in time so I was so 3 months before .... then about 4 weeks before the appointment staked the dress .... and two weeks before the last fitting was ... And it still fits because the clothes are usually cut so that they have a band below the chest and from there the dress falls quite loose and easy ... so that the stomach can still continue to grow for two weeks.
  • reply - 9: I have just the same problem. It is not easy to get something nice with baby belly. We marry before the birth of civil service. Nevertheless I do not want to do without a nice dress.
  • reply - 10: So I think my very nice ... I can put a picture soon ... so it's clear if you want to have a princess dress with lots of tulle and hoop skirt pregnant is rather bad ...

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