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drinking refusal


My daughter 7 week yesterday had her drink almost stopped just 30 ml every four hours. Am now in the hospital organic it is not doctor thinks you connect drink with pain from the colic. Now it's a little better she drinks 70 Ml every four hours. how much do you drink ??? Do you have experience with that? She now weighs 4400 gr from the increase since birth, it's ok.


  • reply - 1: We are at just 5kg at 500-600ml per day my pediatrician said as long as the babies increase it does not matter how much drunk is 30ml is really little, your dwarf takes to?
  • reply - 2: In the last week not otherwise yes whereby they can increase badly at 30-40 ml :-(
  • reply - 3: mine is 8.5 weeks old and weighs 4.5kg approx. Also drinks max 600ml per day and often in mini-portions, from 30-100ml everything.
    The kia says the same thing as Vanessa!
  • reply - 4: Schonmal well the statement a second time to hear =)

    What did the doctors advise?

  • reply - 5: The same thing we have here today. She had to get special nutrition because of the colic and intestinal sounds. We have now changed over for 5 days. Always a bottle more a day to the normal. Since yesterday we only give the special food and since today it hardly drinks
  • reply - 6: Wanted today to Kia, Jonah was drinking well yesterday for his circumstances, and today very bad. But just pulled away a whole bottle, so I've left it, fever he has none.
    Funny that the kids have it all today, as if what is in the air ?!

    Vanessa, I'm curious, what comes out on Wednesday weighing in, then I'm exactly 1 week flaschenmami. And when he has gained weight, I try to relax.
    The Kia also said that there are also very frugal babies and no child voluntarily starved - and when the child dries out, you realize that in any case.
    Is it true?
    Nevertheless, I find it reassuring that not only my little one is like that. After all, you worry when you read how much other babies eat here.

  • reply - 7: Am also very irritated .. Erik has also only 3 meals à 170-200 ml away. Normally, he would already have 4 meals of 200 ml each. There must be something in the air today
  • reply - 8: I have a balance at home Saturday's 4700 and n few crushed today 5000g and n bit but it's still terrible how fast you can worry = / maybe it's the weather, the solar eclipse or .. oh no idea xD our little is also still a cold (the dad has dragged ... grumble) it's just ar ... l ... monday xD
  • reply - 9: I have the problem that my little today strictly denied the chest. He just pulls the bottles away
  • reply - 10: I had that last week, too. At night I could still breastfeed him, from the 3rd Day no more. My midwife said that babies sometimes have such phases, even if you have apparently changed nothing. So either it's over quickly, or you have 2 options: try again and again and pump out as long as not breastfeeding, mumi over bottle feeding or nursing. I opted for the latter, because it just did not work for me. But keep your fingers crossed that it works out fast!

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