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Surprise Secret Santa


So, here is the link to it, everything you need to know is in the manual.

Here the link:


  • reply - 1:  
  • reply - 2: The link does not work ...
  • reply - 3: Yeah, great idea !!!!
    Unfortunately, the link does not work for me either.

  • reply - 4: Funny, I can click on it directly u.geht ....
    With you not ????
  • reply - 5: Nah
  • reply - 6: I've made the link away u.noch again adjusted u.sieht from the same, is highlighted blue u.funktioniert me directly. Otherwise someone idea?
    Does the virus scanner block o.BC?
  • reply - 7: Nope ...
    I can only open the page where I can start my own action or edit my current action ...
  • reply - 8: Same with me ....
    I would really like to join .... Maybe you can invite Jaytee and me by mail?
  • reply - 9: What's up with the .wichtel then I join in as well
  • reply - 10: I would say, a surprise. You give all information about yourself and the child (clothing size, ku, favorite color, animal, hobby ...) and then be surprised ...

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