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I know it may be a bit early, but we've been busy for so long.
I am looking for like-minded travel lovers who want to use the parental leave to discover the world.

My portfolio:
October 2016: Spain
April-June 2017: Croatia, Romania (approx 8000km)

Planned with child two:
3 months at home. Then in total:
Sweden, Romania, Poland, possibly Lithuania and Estonia
We are looking for a positive test for a SUV.
We travel with roof tent and caravan!
My husband will take one year parental leave.

Looking forward to contact and exchange, somehow feel too exceptional in the situation!


  • reply - 1: push ... even though it might be a bit early, but maybe that will read one or the other interested =)

    By the way, we bought a Toyota Landcruiser now.
    Pictures follow ^^

  • reply - 2: That sounds great!
    can you give any tips on how best to organize this?
    get the first baby in March 18 and I'm actually a restless soul;)
  • reply - 3:

    what do you mean by organizing?
    We are already looking for information about the countries we want to visit, what's there to see, look documentation and read books and guides :)
    So much for the preparation.

    It is important that you quickly conjured a passport photo and applied for a passport :) So that you can go almost everywhere (where it is safe) ...

  • reply - 4: I meant more like that with a little baby on the series - stress-free
  • reply - 5: Oh. When you get out when the little ones sleep you can prepare everything so that you can roll on time to the eye rubbing.
    That's how we did it with 6 months in October, but then he let himself play in the car.
    Now we are always around 10 when he got tired, then he ate something (Semmel) and then he is about 11/12 fell asleep, maybe until 13/14 clock ..
    But then we always had to take a break and break it down properly. So let's run around, let it run (by the hand) and slide, climb - what do I know ... then he slept another hour at 4:17 pm. ..
    You can do that a little bit by the day, so 4 hours - you can drive 6 hours. If you want to continue, you might have to drive at night.
    This was not possible for us this time in Romania because there are lurking unlucky horse-drawn carriages and potholes!

    Do you still want to know something: D
    I'm looking forward to next year. The new crumb and the time with the two.
    But I am most pleased the prospect of two cute little children, two and four years old, with whom you can drive away and then both can walk ^ ^

  • reply - 6: Thanks for the answer.
    Reassures me that then you can make cool holidays and not just lying around on the beach or something;)

    wish you a nice time

  • reply - 7: So now we were in New Zealand for 6 weeks in April, when our son was 10/11 months old, then in Portugal two weeks and at the North Sea. Everything worked out wonderfully. With two / three small mice, I would not believe such a long flight but not more ...
  • reply - 8: wow, but that was also really far! Did you fly with Singapor Airlines? The flight 2014/15 really as pleasant!
    Respect, so are crazy travelers here =)

    Do you want to go somewhere special with child Nr2?
    I'm not the fan of air travel and the discussion with the Loopbelts I need not again ...
    We then travel with our Landcruiser 

  • reply - 9: Exactly! We flew with Singapore, was great because we had a Babybassinet in the front row and suuuuper a lot of space.
    Since number 2 seems to have added directly to number 3, we will probably not be able to fly at first ... that's why we need a new car. Any bus. But we only take care of that when the 12th-14th. Week is around ..
  • reply - 10: We would also like to travel spontaneously when we know how my husband takes parental leave .... I would like to direction France and Spain but that is still open because my husband wants to Sweden and Norway;)

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