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6. Hibb list with Nmt data


I'll open a new post.

I have learned to endure suffering, hide pain and laugh with tears in my eyes, just to show others that I am "fine".

And something positive   
Through hope, we are ready to start over and over again.


  • reply - 1: 26.08. Killihola
    30.08. Issi88
    4.9. Fairy_
    4.9. Nicki2311
    9.6. Lineali
    7.9. kurze26
    14.9. Henriette3
    9.15. Bacha
    22.9. Berlin Baby
  • reply - 2: Thanks, Issi
  • reply - 3: Dear Issi, thanks for the new thread. He brings you luck and the hoped-for result.

    Lineali, I am probably similar to you. The work is sometimes (currently often) like a drug from which you can not get rid of and that makes for high emotions, but also enhances or mitigates emotions and perception. Today I was 12 hours at work again. My colleague always grins and asks where I hide my bed. Hehe. In April I was also promoted. It really gives me more responsibilities and responsibilities. But is more than awesome achievements to see and results. I like!
    So intense is the desire and longing for a child with the first miscarriage. Before that we always said that if it works, it works. As often written here, one was still naive and a miscarriage or so did not occur on the pink cloud. And you do not have to be sorry, man and woman learn to live with it somehow. My husband is informed about my cycle and he wants to know it too. Not just to do me a favor. We both want a child and not just one of us. Does your partner know when the fertile time is? Are you talking about it?
    So I have to sleep fast now NEN few hours. At 5 o'clock the alarm sounds, then it's late again.

  • reply - 4: So I know and sometimes not. The problem with us is that if he knows it feels so under pressure that nothing works anymore. Since he wants it so much and he knows that, too. That is sometimes really as if bewitched. But if he asks me, I'll tell him, of course. Apart from that we just have a good time as we feel like it.
  • reply - 5: Good morning :)

    that's exactly what I meant fairy and Nicki!
    My husband wishes since the FG really Nachwuschs and is accordingly interested. But unfortunately, he and I felt in the moment then partly so under pressure, that unfortunately it does not run so easy passionate, as usual ... you know for sure what I mean.
    That's why I've considered, perhaps prefer not to say anything - but I certainly can not keep the flap anyway and he already knows a bit about it and can arrange it roughly. But maybe it does not take the pressure to talk about it?

    Fairy, you learn to live with his story. But it still hurts and that's why I'm sorry for you, for Nicki, for me and all the other women and their partners who had to experience that.

    And now, on to work. We have flexitime and I try to come in a bit later now in the summer where less is going to work the overtime;)
    Let's see - in the end I will stay late again and build up an extra hour: D
    Although, well that I write that degree! I wanted to go earlier and at 18h to the sport :) I hope it works!

  • reply - 6: Girls, I have to let off steam. We would have had our appointment today in the KiWu and stood in front of closed doors. So I called in the main office Mainz and then I learned that the extension is closed with us in Worms for vacation and an appointment for a spermogram is noted. When I made the appointment, I specifically asked for an appointment, with the statement that our second spermogram then also exists * grrrrrrr *. Now we have an appointment on 10.09. There is nothing in the past. That is then again just before Nmt. So certainly another cycle will go into the country. I feel like screaming and stamping   .
  • reply - 7: Oh man, batscha!
    that's annoying! I would go crazy too!
    Hope that you can somehow distract yourself or how to use anger for something good.

    I'm overdue, test white. What's the point of this terror? !!!

  • reply - 8: Oh come on ... your kiwu is a juice shop without end !! Since links do not know what is right! That's really a joke !! At the next appointment I would definitely say something. That can not be true, that their patients like the Volldeppen in front of a locked door !! Really annoying !! I also hope that this episode does not delay your treatment too long. This is a real war of nerves, I can understand! Pf ... it's best to lose some air while exercising or shopping. That often helps quite well.

    @ Kilihola: Have you ever had a "good" SST such. B. made a Presense or Facelle ?? In terms of price, this is the middle class car among the SSTs, not as expensive as the CB, just over a one step. But they are reliable, at least with me! Maybe one of these tests can give you more information. I hope, of course, that you stay overdue and soon a positive result on the tests!  

  • reply - 9: @batscha: Have heard your cry to Darmstadt. Really impudence. I often think doctors and clinics are unaware of how much we depend on such an appointment, how much we long for it and what a delay means to us.

    At that time they carved me into the pan with the laparoscopy. I was supposed to report on the first day of the mens and then it was always said that it was too short to get an appointment at the clinic before ES. What now???? So I lost three cycles with the game.

    @killihola: All thumbs are pressed

  • reply - 10: I have a "good" strip test from the pharmacy (pack of 20). They have even shown a very weak second line in my asterisks at ES + 9, so I'm very confident in the :(

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