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Spitting, spitting, breaking


Hello, I have a request.
My little one is now 7 weeks old and spits for days not at all and then you have the feeling he has nothing at all.

At the U3 I had once addressed that, but the doctor did not really care about that.

Anyone tips or the same problem?


  • reply - 1: My little one often gushed the whole meal out loud ... after I had to take the bed 2 times a night, I took a closer look at breastfeeding positions and tried breastfeeding in an upright position or half-sitting half-lying afterwards with the whole Turning your hand clockwise (warms the air in the stomach, it then rises) let it go to the little bell. That's what I do that I've been spitting viiiiiiiieeeel less and only the exception. Maybe you or others will help you with the tips. LG
  • reply - 2: Presumably she did not comment on it because it is not abnormal, but completely normal. Babies spit, some more, others less. This only happens when the transition from the esophagus to the stomach is "closed". As long as your kid grows normally and does not dehydrate, it's stink normal and just a laundry problem. Our spits on just about every meal and is more than healthy.
  • reply - 3: my Hebi meant during growth spurts the children increasingly, because then often the lid between the esophagus and stomach is not as big as the tube and then short time does not close properly. at b us it was in the 5th week actually like that. Now mid-6th week everything is okay again. I think that in the 8th Week also puked again. 
  • reply - 4: Ah ok thanks for your reply, is kid # 3 but you never stop learning.
    The other two did not have that extreme.

  • reply - 5: Hello dear mums,
    When does one speak of reflux?
    My little one (morning 8 weeks old) vomits every 2 days on sunday tuesday and today his milk (i silence full), although not immediately after the meal more like 1-2 hours later. I think so that he overreaches, because he always wants to ran, if he has stomach ache and then drinks anyway, although the last meal is vlt 30 min ago. Do you have experience there or is it still in the normal range or could it be reflux? I am 24 u4 because I would address it before, just wanted to listen for other experiences before. best regards
  • reply - 6: As long as the babies are allowed to grow up they spit as much as they want. I would say after my panic.
    Everything will be fine
  • reply - 7: Mine is constantly spitting. Good luck except at night. But he is very healthy and the only exhausting thing is the constant moving. But most of the time he has a bib or a spatula around and then you do not have to change things all the time. I got used to it and do not worry about it. Nevertheless, I try to avoid breastfeeding lying down because he spits more. And I try to increase the time between meals a day. Then he spits less. But I only do that if it fits. Otherwise, I quiet as needed and just wipe up a lot of spit.
  • reply - 8: What does it mean for you to spit? On mine, this came out several times as a real gush .. I have now also accustomed to the day to delay the meal more so he does not overeat. I know that the little ones spit a lot in the beginning I'm just worried if it's such a torrent and if 3r then increases enough!? Had bought a baby scale but you can forget that is totally inaccurate 
  • reply - 9: We had it then too. It helps to make the little ones peasants in between.
    The time spit with passes then again. With us from one day to the next (we are now 16th week)
  • reply - 10: Yes, as a barrage among others. Sometimes so much that I think he spits out the whole meal. But he is accepting well. I notice and I see without Libra. :)

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