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how often do you bathe?!?


Hi Mommy, how often do you bathe your baby? I bathe it twice a week and every day when we get up in the morning I wash it with washcloths, warm water and oil. Should I bathe the little one every day?

06.01.2013 Gjon Rodrigo


  • reply - 1: I bathe her once a week. that's what the hebi meant to me.
  • reply - 2:


    no you do not bathe every day anymore. that used to be like this :-)

    1-2 times a week you should bathe the little ones and every morning completely naked wash. So you have told me.

  • reply - 3: @ Hebra I do that too;)
  • reply - 4: We bathe him once a week, that should be enough, my midwife explained.
  • reply - 5: I bathe my little Wednesdays on Saturdays before going to bed. Otherwise, every morning only with water and washcloths.
  • reply - 6: I have bathed my little one or two times a week I heard that you should not bathe every day because that is not good for the skin I also use no shampoo the midwife meant the need and should not use because the skin is still so sensitive to washing with the
    Washcloth is of course nothing to suspend every day have made in the clinic too
  • reply - 7: Mine takes a shower twice a week with dad. That may be more like bathing. While bathing she feels so alone in the tub, in the shower she can cuddle with dad. We have no fixed days for it, but shower rather, if it spits a lot or so much. We also do not use shampoo (not even baby shampoo), but care oil and milk or just warm water.
  • reply - 8: We bathe them on wednesday and sunday u. On the other days cats lingerie

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