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You and your 32-month-old child

How your child develops

Your child is increasingly aware of other people as they develop. This fact adapts to its language. His choice of words depends on who they are talking to. For example, it will use different words when dealing with contemporaries than with adults. You may even find that it speaks a simplistic language when it comes to babies.

That's how your life changes

At this age, the boundaries between reality and fantasy are still blurred in children. If your denies having pulled all the clothes out of the closet, then it is not lying out of defiance, but because it is wishesIt would not have done that. So do not be too angry with your child and do not blame it unnecessarily. Instead, encourage it to make amends by saying, "Look at this mess. I wish someone would help me clean up."

Parent tip: Slow acclimatization

"If you give your child to kindergarten, for safety's sake, you start with 15 minutes or half an hour instead of a whole morning, and I've found out that it made it easier for my son to say goodbye to me, just after a short and happy goodbye then understood that I would not stay with him all the time, but that I would definitely pick him up again. " - Laura
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Your child has a cold again and they waver, whether you should just do him a neck wrap or go to the doctor? Other mothers and fathers in our forum can help you with advice.

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