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Constantly cold belly ??


Hello you have love ne question, I noticed that my stomach or the abdominal wall is constantly cold so colder than the rest of the Körper.Kennt the jejemand of you? ? lg


  • reply - 1: Is synonymous with me from time to time. Myself is warm but my stomach is cold. But if nothing bad the baby lies in the constantly warm amniotic fluid :)
  • reply - 2: So with me it is only occasionally the area where the uterus is. I'm just stroking it warm :)
  • reply - 3: Yes, that's always the case with me
    Then I try to warm the place more
    Although you might think that it is because of the fact that the stomach should not overheat or so and you sweat more
  • reply - 4: My stomach is always cold too. I've already wondered if that's bad or not. I have no idea.
  • reply - 5: For me too - but anyway I usually have cold upper arms, legs, even the ass is cold - hopefully, that is not due to menacing coldness
    Cool for the baby is also better than too warm and what is inside, yes, with the outside also not necessarily what to do - all well then :-)
  • reply - 6: With me he is always cold, that was already at the first ss, I think that it should be so, heat regulation makes the body so by itself.

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