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Flatulence / three-month colic


Hello my dears
my daughter suffers from heavy flatulence and kolliken ... she is 5 weeks old :-( I give a fake pas cher every evening and lefax during the day ..

Does anyone else have experience with it?!?!?!


  • reply - 1: My two have that too. Daughter very intense. Definitely 80% a day. Sab Symplex and Lefax hair did not help us. Now I try the Flatulini Globulis. Otherwise, we have the 'luck' that they have by increasing their milk always increased very soft bowel movements so we have no problems with constipation or the like.
    Nevertheless, the days and nights are quite a challenge because of that. Much crying and bitching.
  • reply - 2: Hi
    My sohm suffers too. With us, the combination of caresses, massages (belly, and feet) helps chamomila drops with copper weleda (prescribed by kia) and ostheopathy. Can I only recommend it brings something
  • reply - 3: We tried pups globules for a week, then cumin pups, now we try two Lefax Hubs for about a week each breastfeeding. If necessary in the evening, if it is very nasty, still a whole Kummelzäpfchen. And for security still an appointment with the osteopath.
    I do almost everything that could help the little one / -:
  • reply - 4: We are also very bad. Unfortunately, nothing really helps so :(
  • reply - 5: Bigaia drops? I had that with my first son was good, but you have to pay yourself. Are live intestinal bacteria.
  • reply - 6: My daughter had such problems that we are even with her to the KH (because we were so worried, if not what is "serious" behind it).
    You are now helping "Gripe Water" very well (is purely herbal - our KiA said it helps better than Lefax or Flatulex).
    In addition, we also give BiGaia drops - but that's more so for the long term.
    For constipation has Schüssler salt No. 7 helped really great !! Before, it was always only with Glycerinzäpfchen and much shouting. Now it goes by itself.
  • reply - 7: We also give each breastfeeding, or 3 hours, SabSimplex, cherry stone pillow, make abdominal massages and were today with the osteopath. From tomorrow morning there is also BiGaia and we will probably buy the Kummelzäpfchen.
    What are they called exactly?
  • reply - 8: Carum carvi
  • reply - 9: Try the GRIP WATER. Has helped a lot with my
  • reply - 10: We have recommended puppy globulis from the midwife. But we did not help. Also, the caraway seeds have helped only moderately. But what seems to help is caraway fennel tea. On the one hand I drink the milk and on the other hand we gave our son when it was so bad a few spoonfuls of tea while breastfeeding. Yesterday we had our first non-exhaustive day :-)

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