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Everything about the complementary foods * 3 *


.... and on you go :)


  • reply - 1: So my little one eats a fish meal every week. He loves to. However, there is the meal from the glass. Since my husband hardly eats fish, I would have to cook three dishes each time something without fish or just fish sticks, once unseasoned for my little one and then something for me. That's too much knickknack me then.
  • reply - 2: Our little one is often very little, so only gets glass. And he can try from the table
  • reply - 3: My mouse is mush for lunch and afternoon. Are you already sneaking out the afternoon porridge and replacing it with fruit, Kriegel and co?
    Or when do you usually do that?
    For on the way, I take the afternoon mush with just. He would have to boil something hold, right?
  • reply - 4: I have Elias for the afternoon now both porridge from melted flakes (I would like to get away from it so I'm not always at the stove) & fruit / yogurt with fruit or pieces of fruit pure. If you make the porridge warm in a thermo mug (eg by Reer), the long keeps you warm.
  • reply - 5: Is there actually anyone who ever or even regularizes regular "normal" lunch and feeds the dwarf? Today there was total fast food. A glass of Hipp spaghetti with tomato ... he inhaled it :-D Could not you just cook it for yourself and squash it for him? For sauces, I'm not so for BLW .......

    Second question: he has eaten the whole glass. Afterwards a few spoonfuls of pear sauce and then another 100ml Pre: -0 My goodness .... is not that a bit much ?!

  • reply - 6: So we have lunch and dinner mush and now I want to start with the afternoon meal and so replace the quiet. There will be nothing but warm. I occasionally crushed banana and offered rumpack / bay. But she still wanted to be breastfed. Now I have such glasses "apple banana with quarkcreme" (cold) of babydream and that she has auffuttert and held until the evening meal. I'll offer her that more often. And you can feed that while you're out and about. What do you give in the afternoon because if you are herd?
  • reply - 7: We do it from time to time. Before spicing, I dedicate a serving for my son. In the meantime, I make herbs for him and when I read something in the jars, there's nothing against salt and pepper. Although I have not used the self-cooked. In frozen vegetables, e.g. also contain some salt. Therefore, I leave that with the additional spice still remain.
    My son no longer eats mashed whole but lumpy.
  • reply - 8: Okay thank you! I'll just test it. Is just the question how appetizing so many dishes are still if you keep the puree clean;)

    But is a super solution just before seasoning what to take away for the little one :)

  • reply - 9: Yes my little eats what we eat lunch, yesterday noodles on Sunday spätzle with sauce today habs fish with vegetables! Before I spice something, take it for him and crush it with a fork! But if I do not have time or it has to go fast, there are glasses;)
  • reply - 10: Ah, that's great. And do you feed him or eat him?

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