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Eczema in babys help


Hello dear mums and dads!
I am a mother of a 3 1/2 year old daughter and pregnant again! My daughter got severe eczema with 4 weeks and after a long try we found a way to tackle the problem. If someone needs advice or just wants to talk (because this "disease" makes you really helpless) should contact me or just write a review!
There are many babies and children with this chronic ailment .....
Hope the post is right here?


  • reply - 1: Hello
    We have been since September. The problems with a cortisone cream was 5 days away. Now it comes again.
    Did not eat any dairy products. Since I'm still quiet. It does not help ... needed support and tips
  • reply - 2: First of all, you should know that the skin reaction in eczema is not a contact reaction but everything comes from within! Cortisone is only suitable for quick relief but not for healing! If you stop with cortisone, it will come back immediately because the trigger is not being treated! There are many possibilities why your child reacts: it was with us; histamine - cow's milk - egg - cat - almond
    Fortunately, I breastfed until the 7th month (which certainly did the immune system good)
    I was in an Extra Environmental Clinic when my daughter was 7 months! Blood sampling and stool sampling were the nuts and bolts to find out why! The intestine is the immune system and it needs to be put back in shape with the right food! Mrine daughter had it all over and the AOK approved everything within 5 days - was great! Although an age old institution and a little controversial - but after months in which one of healing practitioners and Chinese scientists to the miracle healer, it was the only thing that really helped us! ~
    What have you tried everything? How seriously is the skin affected?
  • reply - 3: The pediatrician took blood and confirmed milk protein allergy.
    Should not take any dairy products for 14 days.
    He prescribed several creams.
    Were extra stirred

    At the end of the 14 days we were at the HautArz
    He has taken a sample of the skin. Result will come this week
    He prescribed cortisone

    Nothing helps

  • reply - 4: Hmmmm ..... So you can really find out only if you "abstill" but I do not want to advise you! Since you have the diet of the baby really under control! The replacement milk at that time was Neocate! Mega expensive - but the doctor prescribed and then that was no problem.
    Our creams were ichtiol and zinc cream! Always in the change quite thickly applied (caution goes out of clothes never out) for this I have extra pure cotton clothes from the second hand taken!
    And of course a gut rehabilitation! To start again from 0! On the rest like fragrances - pure cotton - no heat accumulation etc you are sure to pay attention!
    As I said: if you know at some point never further informed then once about the clinic! From 6 months babies are taken .... Report - then I'll give you the data!
    Oh yes .... and you need patience!

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  • reply - 6:
  • reply - 7: Hello Bibi10

    Would be nice if you send me the data of the clinic.

    I'm not that active here.

    Do you get any information when you are contacted?

  • reply - 8: I do not even look that way .... I just keep looking at it ;-)
    The clinic: As I said: the clinic is not exactly the blast as far as the modern equipment but it helped us toTal! Just inform yourself .....

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