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How much have you gained in the SS so far? What does your dock say ??


Hello to all bellies :-)
So slowly the end is approaching, hope you all go well so far?
I've gained 10 kilos so far, and I'm in the 30.ssw ... my doctor says that would be normal, the last few months could be a bit of a bite, what more, but I've been very petite before and that's why I'm so bad 20 kilos increase ^^
Thank God!
ok, my pants do not fit me anymore, have already burst 2 on RV ^ ^ have now instead of size 34 ne 38 and so slowly I've got me but two times SS pants increased ^ ^ but I still had to sew ... somehow the things are really big!
What is your experience?


  • reply - 1: Hello !!!

    I am now 31 + 2 and have gained 7kg so far. I'm very happy with that, let's see what comes to the end

  • reply - 2: Hello
    Am now 32 + 6 and have gained 8 pounds so far. I'm satisfied with that. Fortunately, I really only gained weight on the stomach and hips. I'm just curious, how much is there now in the last few weeks. Have already heard from acquaintances that would have increased nearly 10 pounds in recent weeks. I do not even want to think about it.
  • reply - 3: Hi you love so I am now in the 32 ssw And I've already 10 kilos on it and hope that it really will not be !!!! In my other ss it was not so great once 25 and once to take 27 kilos ... That's why I'm wondering that I have this time not so much to take ... Abwerrrrrrrr what is not is can still be!
  • reply - 4:

    Hello :-)

    So the last time I was weighed it was 6.6 kg more and I was 31 + 0

    Since we all have increased quite a bit, but it is nice Sun.Unser small was estimated at this time to about 1574 g. Does any of you have any information?

  • reply - 5: hello!

    So now I'm 34. ssw and I've gained 16 kg. Before that, my weight was 50 kg. but, what's the weight of it all? Breastfeeding helps extremely and the big hunger disappears again. then a little more sport, and it works again! You should only give yourself as much time to lose weight as you have taken. So nine months! :-)


  • reply - 6:


    what the hell, it's for our babies. I'm in the 34th SSW and outbid you with about 20 pounds all. BUT: It does not matter. it will go away again and my body will already know why it has accumulated so much. I also have a lot of water retention in my legs, that also makes a lot of difference. Babies may rather be lying on a soft mum anyway than on a skinny one. This is not to say that I like to weigh about 80 kg, I am happy again when I have my 60 kg and can run light-hearted stairs, but it has its reasons why you increase in pregnancy. As long as you eat healthy and balanced and do not constantly cake and gummi bears, everything is fine.

    I do not worry about it anymore and you should not do that either.

  • reply - 7:

    Hy girls.

    So I have now gained 7 kg. I do not think so much. At the last examination I only gained 200g and my child 700g. The children take what they need.


  • reply - 8:


    I have now taken 11 kg to be still satisfied with my last ss I was in the period already at 18 kg.But is different, if you have even water storage are certainly few kilograms equal to more.

  • reply - 9: Hello ...
    I have gained 9 kilos so far and am in the 34th SSW, but it would probably be something more .... until the end

  • reply - 10: Offer with the 20 kg mark. Also with a lot of water :-( Since the beginning of my body has stored a lot of water and distributed nicely everywhere But my stomach I carry only forward and have a very heavy crumb with 2400g :-) But I'm also confident that I quickly Have 66 kg again.

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