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What are you cooking / baking today?


Have baked a plum cake with sprinkles again today, already the 2nd time within 1 week  I just love him!


  • reply - 1: Have baked in the last 2 weeks even 3 of it ... unfortunately, all are already eaten 
  • reply - 2: I'll send you a piece over there;)
  • reply - 3: Mhmm looks so delicious Yesterday we had potato casserole and the day before yesterday tarte flambée. At the beginning of the week I made pumpkin soup for the first time this year I love the autumn.
  • reply - 4: Thank you Yesterday we had Flammkuchen yes, I think the fall is great too! I also like to do something with pumpkin 
  • reply - 5: A friend of mine recently moved back to the US and gave me a lot of stuff, including spices and pumpkin puree (which we do not have) for "Pumpkin Pie", I'm looking forward to try it out 
  • reply - 6: Since I would like to see a picture;)
  • reply - 7: I put in then 
  • reply - 8: Today we have chocolate pear cake for dessert  ..
  • reply - 9:    He looks so delicious !!!
  • reply - 10: I'll bake my favorite chocolate cake afterwards. Just right for the mens 

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