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You and your 31-month-old child

How your child develops

Your child now has a clear idea of ​​what things should be, as long as these adult logic and rules follow. Deviations from these norms can upset your child - for example, when someone eats dessert in front of the main course or when the babysitter does not do everything the way you do. Soon, your little one will learn that things do not always run according to Scheme F, and that deviations can be alright.

That's how your life changes

Now the probing questions might start where the babies come from. Forget all comparisons and beautifications and say how it is. If a little girl asks, "What's he got?", Pointing to her naked dad, "a penis" would be an appropriate answer. You do not need to go into detail at this age. The more complicated you are, the more confusing it will be for your child.

From the potty to the toilet

You can encourage your child to skip the intermediate step and use the toilet directly. Let it see how you and your partner go to the bathroom. Show him how to pour the contents of the potty into the toilet so he knows where his "business" ends. Make your toilet suitable for small children by providing a toilet trainer or a smaller toilet seat especially for children. Even a stool for the bathroom is worth the investment, because toilets (and sinks) can be terrifyingly large for so small people.

Parent tip: Start with the kindergarten

"If your little one is going to kindergarten soon, and it's about the time your second child is due to come, then give your child to the hoard earlier, so it does not feel deported because the new is coming." - Anon
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