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birth story


  • reply - 1: sugar sweet ;-)
    Welcome to the world!
    Congratulations !!
  • reply - 2: Very sweet congratulations :-)
  • reply - 3: Congratulations ♡
  • reply - 4: So cute! looks really exhausted :-) ♡
  • reply - 5: Congratulations to the sweet Fratz!
  • reply - 6: Congratulations and enjoy cuddling and getting to know each other !!!
  • reply - 7: Congratulations.
  • reply - 8: Congratulations :)

    Is not there a story or is my phone not displaying you? oo

  • reply - 9:

    so here finally the report:

    Tomorrow 23:02 my posts in the waiting room thread:

    I'm also totally cold and have a great night behind me.
    Have since 2 clock pain in the lumbar region, so I press
    I ran to the bathroom a couple of times because I thought I was going to

    Bauchi also pushes the bladder full. Das.ziehen in
    Back comes quite often, but is not so painful.
    that blow?

    I sweat a lot, too.
    "Lumbar pain" has now migrated into the abdomen.
    I think it's blowing. Getting stronger, but I think
    there still has to be a lot of pain. But they are quite right
    often, but rather too short.
    Now pack my things

    I first had strong pulling in the lumbar region, as if
    you sat too long wrong. It has become stronger that way
    I had the very strong need to "big" to the bathroom
    go. Then it is also in the stomach towards the vagina
    drawn. So I automatically tried to evenly
    to breathe.

    Would have
    that already so every 5 minutes but always only very briefly. Since a std like that
    every 18 min approx. 1.5 min. And have very tough clear slightly bloody

    the blows stronger again. And we'll go today
    still in the KH.

    I'm still at home. Labor is more severe (as in
    ner cystitis) but. only every 30th min.


  • reply - 10:

    we went on as follows:

    Man cooked us a late lunch, that was about 16.30
    Clock. Since I had to get up every 2 bites and breathe the contractions.
    Then I went to the bathroom again and then went to a pity so long
    that I said "well, now we go".

    About 18 o'clock we were then in the delivery room. Ctg shows good regular
    Contractions, but cervix only finger-permeable.

    we went for a walk.

    I'm very worried about a cold that makes my nose breathe
    me very hard.

    8 pm: labor still good, cervix 2 cm

    22 o'clock in the tub - very pleasant - but brings nothing -
    then try most of the time standing on the cloth or my husband
    hanging to breathe the contractions. But it always only pushes "front"
    not "back".

    Dry air in the delivery room in connection with the common cold is almost
    worse than the contractions.

    2 o'clock cervix still only 2 cm - birth

    - laid perfectly, did not even feel the spades of the needle - did
    immediately worked

    Man gets a bed in the delivery room - we sleep or doze

    6 o'clock - cervix 6 cm - but the baby already has one
    Bruises off the head, as it always pushes against my shame,
    but do not stop by.

    then I have no sense of time anymore

    then was always allowed with pressing, the midwife tried the cervix
    completely open and push over the head.

    The Oberazt comes to during the woe while I press on
    to press my stomach and push the baby out with it.

    we work, I do not open my eyes anymore, just press
    only - my husband at my side speaks to me well.

    then a doctor comes to me and attaches the suction cup I get
    actually not at all. Easy to press is good, as can
    At least you do something.

    10:32 Joshua was born then.

    do not think that I pressed 4 hours. The time is deleted.
    Of course they made a cut and I'm too smart,
    but now after 1 week, I have no pain and can
    do not complain.

    Getting a child is a miracle of God, planned and wanted by
    our father in heaven. Hallelujah!

    I'll say it again: Be brave and determined! do not let you
    intimidate and do not be scared! For I, the Lord, your God,
    I am with you wherever you go. "Joshua 1 Verse 9, The Bible

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