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What are your favorites for boy names?


My friend and I have been watching all over the internet and we tend to find weird names that we've never heard before, or that have been around so often ... it should not necessarily be a German name, I think that's part of it anyway Girl can find much easier names. Do you have any ideas?


  • reply - 1: That belongs more to which name or?
  • reply - 2: Look here


    There are also some really great boy names

  • reply - 3: It's true that it actually belongs in the other thread. Nevertheless, I think the idea is also good to have a thread with boy names or maiden names separately :-)!
    Our son will most likely be called David :-)!
  • reply - 4: Unfortunately, we still do not know what it will be, in a boy it is an Alexander
  • reply - 5: Mikail which is now again on the edge because to Russian.

    You can choose between sinan, ilkay, can, levent
    Real silly girl was clear but boy very heavy

  • reply - 6: Sounds like friend Turk then - Mikail really does not fit so well.
    Sinan is beautiful.
  • reply - 7: I think by the way ... very difficult. That's why it's likely to stay with David because we both love the name. We are both teachers and unfortunately soooooo many names are already negatively occupied ...
  • reply - 8: Yes he is right.
    I also think Sinan is great.
    I think the final decision is after the birth
  • reply - 9: I think Mikail is beautiful too, my friend is Russian. He would also find it great. :)
  • reply - 10: We have a Rafael, as a second name Roberto (my husband is Italian). :)

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