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Hormones after childbirth


Wanted to ask if you (probably due to hormones) as well as me. I'm not talking about postpartum depression! I'm rather whiny, mumbling, and the worst part is, I'd like to stick my partner to the leg. I start marrying with margarine advertising, and I'm worried that something will happen to my little one :-( How can you relax?


  • reply - 1: By waiting. The same thing happened to me. These are the hormones, the desire for harmony and security. Is thought of nature so specially, so you for your newborn a harmonic and safe atmosphere. That will soon pass by itself
  • reply - 2: I also had 2-3 such days. Above all, I only had to look at my little one and then I just felt so much love (and the wish that she will always be fine) that I automatically had to cry. My husband thought that was very funny. :) For the most part it's over, but I think part of the concern for the welfare of the little ones will always be.
  • reply - 3: By your name are you Greek? I've had this feeling for days now :-( Terrible) I'm lucky and my husband is also very affectionate but slowly I'm getting scared that it will be too much for him ...
  • reply - 4: I did and did, but not as intensively as the first days. Since I have looked at my baby and had tears in my eyes ... And the fear that what happened was also great ... Also think that it does not go away ... So that's just like Mom 
  • reply - 5: I felt the same way ... luckily it has settled down.  
    I only had to look at the little mouse, or she - the tears are down  
    I also feel uncomfortable when my friend leaves the house for shopping or doing other things. I am also afraid that something will happen to someone ...
    For the first few days, I needed so much closeness that I could howl at his touch.

    But with time you play yourself ... everyday life is coming and it is always better.

  • reply - 6: Hihi I think that's cute as you tell it ...
    I felt the same way looked at the little worm and started to walk ... and I'm still so worried when I go out with the little one ... hope that will pass soon 

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