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14.12.15 Nico Ryan


so here then again the report to my (yes, today I see it so) dream birth.

Since I just can not sleep I'll report :)

On sunday evening I once again had a real hunger attack. Then I made myself a pot Makaroni and I'm back in bed with my bowl because I wanted to look cozy Grays Anatomy.
After I started to eat, things became so bad and hunger was gone. At 7, I made myself long to sleep a little so that the feeling goes away again. Here I am slightly dozed and was awakened at 10 o'clock by a woe. My thought so huch what is that now?
So I wrote to the daddy and this was immediately freaking out. He wanted to come immediately but since I've been weeks in labor I said oh quark stay with you finally have tomorrow morning shift.
Barely 30 minutes later, there were already 3 contractions in a row where I said hmm that was nowhere like usual.
So I ordered a friend via WhatsApp and let me in a tub. She arrived when I went to the balcony every 3 minutes.
In the tub, we have finished the dummy chain and the contractions now moved not only in the back but also on the symphysis. Here I was sure ok sleep is nothing more. 0:30 am I called my Hebi as we wanted to proceed. She said ok try to come down again and to sleep because there was little pressure on the MM to feel.
Two hours later, the pressure was there and I called my Hebi again. We arranged to meet at 3:30 in the hospital.
Arrived at the hospital was a CTG written but no more labor. I also sat uncomfortable. So wait for the room tomorrow morning visit. Girlfriend is 6:30 pm home and I'm lying down.Although I have forced myself to close my eyes but sleep was unthinkable.
At about half past 7 a second CTG was written. I had screwed down my circulation more and more that the contractions were back.
At 8 o'clock the OA made a US. Setting stargazer. Weight at 3457g and both kidneys jammed. Here the decision was made, we nudge.
8.30 pm quarter tablet taken orally and 45 min CTG. Joar labor was still regular but cx 1cm and MM 1cm. So keep waiting. Labor was now constantly more or doller. Because every 2 to 3 minutes was already frequent.
12 o'clock next CTG now painful but still to endure without problems. So get half a tablet. Then it was called cx hem mm 2 to 3cm.
Well, now I would say the birth started because the contractions became more painful and remained as regular as ever.
Now came the point where I panicked with every pain. Although my daughter was hired in II. HHL but had died at this stage of childbirth. Hebi and OA were with me dried my tears and said when it gets worse with the panic we make the section.
Since my best friend came to the KH and she calmed me down. Suddenly I realized that this does not happen twice and all are on Arlamstufe red.
14 o'clock. The other friend came over with her middle daughter and we sat in the room and talked. Labor was painful but enduring. Had now 2 hours the CTG turn it so I did not panic anymore.
14:30 clock CTG and I should still run a round. Ok dad was at 15 o'clock closing time so pointed him he should then come directly to the KH.
15:30 clock In the pretty KH shirt again in Krs. In the four-footed stand still 3 labor pains so that the little one finally sets correctly. He was almost sideways mitm head in the pelvis and finally aufm right way. So OA made the bubble open. Here I was already begging for painkillers. I've gotten at cx and 4cm meptit a bolus iM.
Now we were going fast. I wanted after the syringe has dropped the PDA and thought ok so at 5cm haha ​​pustekuchen. 7cm MM all soft and wegdrückbar on hem. So nothing PDA second syringe.
7:30 pm I did not want anymore. My kidneys hurt a lot. The pain on the symphysis robbed me of all reason. As said the Hebi come feel the head. He was right there and I knew he was there in 3 contractions. Okay, then there were 5 with Epi but do not care. At 19.52, Nico Ryan was born and immediately on my chest. We immediately started cuddling and he looked at me with his big dark eyes. You could tell he recognized who I was and also on dad he reacted immediately. It was so amazing that I did not notice the blood loss. Only when sewing the trembling began. Everything perfect No matter for small Giraffi with 52cm and 3580g with KU 35cm but a neat horn was it's value.
Birth without PDA feasible without question but I would prefer the PDA.


  • reply - 1: Meanwhile, we are at home and have successfully survived the first WE.
    Unfortunately, he had no interest in the breast and thus on the first day or on the 2nd extreme doll decreased. Since the choice was a third day try and cope with more weight loss or bottle. With a heavy heart, I took the tablets and gave the baby the bottle.
    On Friday we were released and had already reached birth weight again. He diligently drinks his bottles empty and digests them to Papa's grief. ;) Was cute when he had changed the first diaper.
    Tomorrow our Hebi comes over again and there is a new weight. I can say that he can handle the Milasan PRE flawlessly, even if many other children react immediately with timidity.
  • reply - 2: Congratulations on the birth of your Nico!

    Nice that it now works well with the milk bottle!

    I wish you a wonderful cuddle and introductory time.

  • reply - 3: Wow, what a report!

    Congratulations! :-)

  • reply - 4: Congratulations!
  • reply - 5: Congratulations on the birth of the little giraffe. I always have to think of you when I see baby clothes with giraffes.  
  • reply - 6: Thank you all;) yes we carry a lot of giraffe;) increase continues to work great where we in the SS so had problems.

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