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but wrong thread but otherwise refers me to the right.

Justus is almost 2 months old. For a few days he has in between an uncanny need for nipples. With the drink he is ready after 10-15 minutes. But in between, he simply sucks up to 50 minutes or would stay forever, I would not stop it at some point. Unfortunately, he does not take a pacifier - I've already got through almost everything
does anyone have a tip or until when clusters that? Unfortunately also very frustrating for my husband, in which he was totally dissatisfied ...


  • reply - 1: Are you through the 8-week push through? Would otherwise tap on it. Then it would simply last a few days.
  • reply - 2: Here is also sucked ne felt eternity and that in a double pack ... pacifiers do not want the ladies too  
    unfortunately I do not have a solution.
  • reply - 3: We have had that lasting too extreme  
    However, from the beginning. We have recently discovered the nip kirschschnuller (there are at DM or toys about 1.99 € in a double pack) and are the has my nipples finally recovery. She took no other pacifier and we had given up the search until we put our last attempt on it
  • reply - 4: Upside down little finger is fine with us!
  • reply - 5: Have the same, but from the beginning. Pacifier absolutely does not take it, every single one through.
    Everybody else besides me is a bit of a whimper and preferably only at the breast.
    Today it is especially bad, not sleeping for 5 minutes and woe I was moving. Great for the big brother ....
  • reply - 6: I have the feeling we are permanently in the push. Would also typed thrust. But it's still coming out loud. After the actual birthday, we are in the middle of it. But somehow it is a constant up and down with him;)
  • reply - 7: Thanks, but he does not like that either
    I have already prepared a fantastic speech for his wedding ... "... and even then you were barely from the chest to Kriegev, so much the better that you have now found one out of mine ..."
  • reply - 8: Yes .... sounds like ours! Was just in the regression and found a dissatisfied child and a sad dad. Usually he takes my milk from him. But today it was reluctant ...
  • reply - 9: Awesome 
  • reply - 10: Hello. Are involved with the same topic. My midwife said that you have it with the pacifier from 50 reps on it and should not offer the pacifier before the 5-6 week big.

    He should be held lightly against the palate top reason against the lips.

    Seiter he works better with us slowly. 

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