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Have 2 own and a few foster cats for whom nobody else cares.
How is this with you at the moment? How do you deal with your roommates? I am very confused at the moment because my gyn said "no contact with cats" at the last appointment, but was so perplexed that I could not say anything.
Did you already have the toxoplasmosis test or when is it usually done?
I'm just washing my hands ;-)
Ask for your experience!


  • reply - 1: Hello, I also have 2 hangovers that I really like today I was at the fa and he said no contact with cats I stroke them but still only the kisterl makes my partner.beim last time I was taken blood and tested for toxoplasmosis normal you pay extra but I did not have to pay. It is in the muki pass the value 0.6 in toxoplasmosis no idea what that meant did not have much time today and the next appointment is only on 7.10.also wait a long time
  • reply - 2: Very good ... so you handle that too. Everything but smooch and Kisterl.
    Well ... look ma times. Have on Wednesday again appointment, but I'm always so ... would almost say brainless :-D
    Think me, now I live with cats all my life, if I have it anyway.
  • reply - 3: My favorite topic!
    Just as a human may also have had a toxoplasmosis infection only once in a lifetime. Only during this time about 3 weeks the excrement of the cat with the dangerous pathogens is eliminated. After that, antibodies stay in the cat and she will never get it again! I got my blood from the vet and antibodies were detected. My cat will never again run the risk of toxoplasmosis. So I'm pretty much in love with the hangover.
  • reply - 4: hello cosy1982,

    So toxoplasmosis is generally tested in Austria in the SS.
    If you have not had toxoplasmosis, it will be repeated on your next blood test.

    Small link to this:
    Find this link quite helpful as it is quite well described how to get toxoplasmosis.

    And my sister-in-arms have both cats and what they did not do in the SS was the litter box they did not clean themselves at that time and otherwise they handled their roommates the normal way.

    Nice day,

  • reply - 5: Oh thanks ... that calms me down a lot. Klodienst has with us anyway my husband :-D Is synonymous to him ... we'll then maintain the same ;-) In addition, the monster are anyway just on the flight
  • reply - 6: In my last ss my fa meant that toxoplasmosis is only rarely transmitted by cats and all this hysteria is unfounded! Most of the time, the toxopl would. transmitted by the consumption of raw meat, drum are also, for example, in France, almost 90% of the mendchen toxopl.-positive because there is so much tatar eaten :-)
  • reply - 7: Have two cats myself and was negative at the first ss toxoplasmosis, so do not cuddle too much and no litter box, now I have to wait for the findings, but my gyn said, I'm 27 now and would have ned until now, that I'm getting it right now is unlikely, but I'd rather not provoke it :-)

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